[Podcast] My views on the 0-0 bor-draw!!

Whats so fooking funny Eboue? You tit


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25 Responses to [Podcast] My views on the 0-0 bor-draw!!

  1. dado polumenta says:

    you are the voice of every arsenal fan round the globe…..
    what have we become??????
    we are fuckin struggling to get on the 4-th place of the table… FUCKING INCREDIBLE!!!!!!

  2. Danish Gooner says:

    how about Song he is slower then a tortoise.

  3. Agooner says:

    greatest news of the match though is dat eboue got red, meaning SUSPENSION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lets hope the fa doesnt revoke this

  4. MU Killer says:

    Won’t Eboue ONLY be missing the FA Cup game?

  5. scully says:

    Mate, ave a good fucking moan why dont ya, though I do agree Eboue is a waste of space and should never again play for the Arsenal. Havind said that at the moment he’s not the only one who is just not good enough.

  6. INDIAN GOONER says:

    you r right man.
    hope we qualify for CL next season.
    some changes needed for next season should be:
    out:eboue,denilson,fucking injuries
    in:chilleini,some experienced centre half

  7. I said it time and time again Arsenal is crap and will be crap with people like Denilson and Eboue in our midfield and it only gets scary and disgusting totally when you think that the Champions League is coming up soon. Fellas dig this…Manure fans are in ma face right now asking me what the fuckin’ hell is going on with Arsenal Football Club cuz apparently they can’t understand how we can be 12 Points behind them. I think this is the worst era of Wenger’s reign..i read an article about Robin and he was talking abt he slack that is going on at Arsenal and he talked of how Henry and Bergkamp always wanted maximum work effort from their fellow players ..but you only have to check out the current crop at Arsenal to know how far we lag behind en how crap we are. Its sad to sit here en admit that our team sucks en big time …i heard Van Persie is starting to question the clubs ambition en how Barcelona wanted him last month en how they were promising us Hleb plus money but Arsene wouldn’t take it for him en they plan on coming back in the summer cuz apparently tehy consider Arsenal a selling club. Did u read thata? Arsenal is a selling club atleast it is considered a selling club by the bigger teams in Europe so basically this crap Arsene is jazzing us that his kids will deliver just wait till tehy start delivering en off he cashes in on them. Robin is now 25 and after all the faith Wenger has put in him can only afford to yap how the clubs ambition is not up to his par. He’s right in a way only that he too should start thinking of how many times he’s been crocked en out of action. Apparently Barcelona are coming also to get Adebayor en if this time Wenger doesn’t sell off this donkey then i will know that he seriously has a mental problem. I believe Gallas was right, this whole crop at Arsenal are just crap ..they are lacking and he was so right that even though he was stripped of the Arm band Wenger knew it that he was right. Clichy is in another world of his. He plays like a man in love and thinking about his GF back home he’s so error prone that i believe he’s tha main reason we lost tha top place off tha table last season, this season his morale has been so low that he has cost us again and dearly, Ademissabayor can only have Wenger to his defence who bullcraps us that he’s not scoring because of his transfer scenario when it was clear from day one that Adebayor was crap but was there cuz he could head it in while Henry did all the hardwork on the ground but then Henry was sold off and Ademissabayor can’t even head them in. Robin clearly talks about someone who always gave Henry bad crosses and i think this must be Ademissabayor though he refuses to name him it’s clear who he was talking about and how Henry always gave him the “What the hell are you doing in this team if you can’t pass teh ball well??” Look. Arsene has lost it he should quit yapping en bullcrapping us how his stinking kids will deliver cuz we all know when they get 25, they ask for bigger wages en threaten to leave. How i miss Rosicky i miss his brains in the Midfield ..he always demanded a lot from his fellow players. Arsenal in short is crap ….only a person like Wenger would keep on frustrating us fans by bringing on kids in our midfield and idiots like Eboue. I believe Wenger is a good coach but he has his mistakes like Goonerforum once said ..he’s so clueless in some games technically that you wonder if the whole coaching staff at Arsenal has lost it. If he can’t get rid of shitty players like Eboue oe send Denialson’s back to where they belong in the reserves, then let him get the fuckin hell outta our team. No one is indispensable not even Arsene himself he should know that. Seems he has it easy so much that he’s started to just chill when our team is slowly rotting. He had the audacity to once yap on how it wouldn’t be bad if we didn’t qualify for the Champions League. Only a fool like Wenger would say that. I don’t think players like Fabregas would settle for the UEFA cup while watching the CL on TV …Am so disgusted that every weekend i have to live with the depression and disgust and frustration of Arsenal not winning..

  8. thegoonerforum says:

    Cheers for that Martyn,Agree 100%


  9. louis says:

    another knee jerk reaction yes we are playing horribly but people tend to forget our injuries

  10. Ohhh yea lemme guess Louis. You are one of those who say that you have people injured that are gonna be just like new signings right? Wait till you are featuring in the UEFA cup and we see if those injured players when they get back if they will feel comfortable playing the UEFA cup.

  11. Eric S says:

    Ade’s injury is a blessing in disguise. Dudu will take his place and score more goals! Ade’s performance this season is just woeful.

  12. GoonerC says:

    Agree about eboue- but I think that this result wasnt bad considering injuries and eboue going off. I think we may have to accept 5th place this season, but we have had ridiculous injuries to key players. Thought the effort was top class today. Cn understand ur frustration though.

  13. pauly herszaft says:

    please dont blame eboue ……….the blame lies clearly with our passed it manager , firstly he should never have started the game and secondly it was obvious to anyone watching that it was only a matter of time b4 he got sent off , he should have been substituted straight away , he is clearly a crap player who is well out of his depth but its not his fault our shit manager keeps picking him , you play crap players and the result is you get crap performences , wenger has got to go NOW , ………..song , denilson eboue bentdner adebedonkey are all not good enough , their commitment is not the problem its their total lack of quality , THE BUCK STOPS WITH THE MANAGER

  14. Armourist says:

    tits the lot of ya, over emotional, hyper dramatic tits, u can see that despite the handicap of eboue the rest of the boys pulled out a good performance. The glass is always half empty for you boys.

  15. barnaby says:

    I still think there is talent and ability in the squad but we’ve gone about it the wrong way. We’ve blooded too much youth too fast and this problem is now clear for all to see. Arshavin is not a defensive minded player. As much as it pains me to say it Song and Eboue are the best we have at the moment in their positions. I cannot expect wilshere or ramsey to come in now and boost the squad, they could just get run over out there. But it’s not all lost yet, chels are slipping, that said, the youth policy now hangs over the club as a big question mark, i’ve not seen a flamini revelation in this squad this year nor do i expect to. Yeah we’ve had kids improve with us, but if rvp, cesc, ade shove off then i’m not very confident we have the ‘prodcuction line’ of players who can just come in and we don’t lose anything.

  16. pauly herszaft says:


  17. Danish Gooner says:

    How can you be as inept as Adebayor on 80 grand a week,it beggars belief some of the things he cant handle in a game is something an old lady with a cane would be embaressed not to handle.

  18. jeff says:

    Until his sending off – which was harsh as the first yellow wasn’t warranted, I thought Eboue was having a petty decent game. He was the only player to put the ball in the net after all.

    Considering the importance of the fixture and the intensity of the game I think we did well to get a point.

    I really don’t understand all the negativity. Eduardo and Arshavin were on the bench today – they’ll be starting soon, Walcott’s nearly ready and Rosicky is in training. Fabregas will be back sooner than we thought, and there’s always young Carlos.

    The future’s bright.

  19. pauly herszaft says:

    jeff …… your right , but we should be talking about winning the league not maybe scrapping 4th place if we are lucky . We have wasted a season and wenger has a lot to answer for . Average players will not win trophies .

  20. jeff says:

    Point taken Pauly.
    Trouble is that all our creative talent is currently injured. The team, with a few notable exceptions is made up of squad players and all the bickering from the fans doesn’t help their confidence.
    Wenger obviously doesn’t have as much money to spend as the likes of Chelsea and the red and blue Mancs, but at least the money we DO spend is ours and not at the whim of foreign billionaires. I for one am happy about that.
    The truth is that we can’t afford the superstar players that our colleagues at both ends of the table seem to be able to.
    We need to make the best of what we’ve got, support the team and the club through this rough patch
    and keep our eyes firmly focused on the light at the end of the tunnel instead of bitching and whining.
    It seems like a lot of people, including yourself, have written this season off when it’s barely halfway through. We’re still in with a chance of winning the League, still in the CL, still in the FA Cup. It could be worse – we could be Tottenham :0)

  21. Jeff which planet do you live on? Cuz apparently i really think we can afford decent players who have experience not kids. Or it is that we can only afford kids Huh? Cuz the board keeps yapping how Arsene has all the cash he wants to spend. They say if he pointed at a player they would get him. So who should we believe?? You a nobody or them who are running away with the spoils of all the profits they make from the Emirates stadium?? It is good that before you start criticizing people to first make enough research about something and then start yapping and bitching around. Do you know that Arsenal has the costliest season tickets in the whole League?? Do you know the net profit Arsenal makes each game played at the emirates? Has thata ever occured to you that we can afford to buy decent players who don’t have to necessarily cost us 50 Mil pounds?? The team is going through a rough patch you say? Where was you before the season began and Adebayor agent was holding Arsenal ransom asking his donkey to be paid the same as Henry?? Huh temme that cuz apparently he is on 80K per week and he’s supposed to be our star striker i mean there is a reason why they pay him above every other striker when he even can’t score with his head. The season is barely half way you say…but have you wondered why you can’t win against the lowly teams and why the last prolly 4 or 5 games you have won a single match and have scored less goals??? You really think with this crap team we can win the Champions League?? Which sh!t are you drinking?? Cuz if it blind faith i can understand and maybe you are like 15 years old. Because how can a right thinking person in his clear state of mind say Arsenal can win the Champions League with this current crop in our team. Ademissabayor that ass of a donkey can’t score…maybe you thought Arshavin was going to play …dude he can’t feature for Arsenal this season in the CL ….pray we can get past the last 16 and see if you can even start yapping about the Champions league. Somethings you unrealistic gooners say at times baffle me. Cuz the way you want me to rally behind a team that has Eboue, Ademissabayor, Denilson, Diaby, in it baffles me. Which other big team in Europe would feature these kind of shitty players apart from the fact that we’d rip them off what else is there to really talk about these players honestly?? I don’t think Denilson would even be on Aston Villas bench that’s how bogus Wenger is and how he’s slowly ruining our team. This is not a rough patch Jeff and when you say shit like this it really pisses me off. Who did you hear ask for superstar players?? Huh? Apart from the fact that you are really offtopic and talking unrealistic shit. Arsenal makes players what they are ..i don’t think Arsene has ever brought a superstar to Arsenal not even Arshavin can be called a superstar..he has the skill and talent but he’s not a Beckham or Ronaldo. If a player can’t make the grade at Arsenal then let him leave…we can’t be having only 11 good players and the rest crap. It sickens me that you have guts to compare our team with Tottenham’s position ..we are a top four team whatever goes on at Tottenham is non of my business ..we should be winning titles or challenging Manure not consoling ourselves that it could be worse cuz Tottenham are in a relegation battle. But well it’s only you Jeff who can only say such crap.

  22. jeff says:

    Martin – the reason I rally behind a team that includes Adebayor, Eboue, Denilson and Diaby is simple. I have no choice. They are The Arsenal and I don’t care whether we’re top of the league or bottom of the champonship – they will always have my support.

    I gather from your post that you no longer support the team, the manager or the board and are unhappy about the cost of your ticket.

    I think it’s time you moved on mate.

    There’s at least one club in London that would suit your needs. A club that sacks managers on a regular basis, and spends millions on players that can’t get them out the bottom half of the table. I’m sure their ticket prices would suit you too.

    Oh, and thanks for all the insults – they really helped me to appreciate the strength and depth of your argument.

  23. Jeff apparently am not people like you who don’t care what position we are in. Am reeling because of the love i have for this team. I doubt if you even watch Arsenal matches cuz if you do then i have to say it’s a pity that you sit back and just suck in all that gabbage. Tell you what? Maybe that team you mentioned might suit you well cuz apparently you don’t care which position you are in Duh! You need to wake up and note that football is a business. The sooner you get that in your thick skull the better…maybe lemme break it down for you….Chelsea just sacked their coach of the fear and disgust that they were in danger of not making it into the Champions League. Not that i wish Wenger was sacked it just shows you what expectations that club had…maybe they shd have given Scolari more time but that’s not the point here…if we don’t make it into the champions League my brother we will lose 50 Mil which in short means that we will find it harder to buy decent players like Arshavin ok? Now i wonder if that’s what you want. Week in week out we support this team but what do we get back in return? Poor performances ..quote me well dun start saying that its clear i hate the team, i told you players who don’t make the grade at Arsenal should leave our team People like Adebayor, Diaby, Song, Eboue and Denilson..you earlier went on defending Eboue how decent he was in the game right before he got sent off but after alll that decent work he did what end result was there? Zero! Get realistic, the sooner you wake up the better you just sicken me thinking just cuz all of a sudden we won’t suck up to Wenger shit and bullcrap interviews, we should go and support spuds…Am rallying behind the team but not behind those players.

  24. jeff says:

    Martin – you are clearly an idiot.

    Your short term, glory hunting, spend now and to hell with the consequences attitude is unrealistic, disrespectful and a cancer on the beautiful game.

    I wonder why it is that someone with such strident opinions isn’t involved in football management at the highest level like the ‘bogus’ Arsene Wenger that you have so little respect for.
    Could it be that you haven’t got a fucking clue!? Did you get your management skills from EA Sports? Because they have no place in the real world.

    I suggest you turn off your X-Box and try and get along to a REAL game for once.

  25. Jeff and how old are you once again? Cuz you keep going on about EA sports and X-Box …i READ
    ” Short term, glory hunting, spend now and to hell with the consequences attitude is unrealistic, disrespectful and a cancer on the beautiful game” Only disillusioned” I wonder what kinda manager you would make yourself …ohhh wait a minute your character comes across to me as one of those cowards that like to sit back and just take shit in…Dude wake up from slumber land and come into the real world where Arsenal is crap right now.

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