[Podcast] Next season it will be Thursday nights with John Barnes for us gooners!

Football on five on a thursday night it will be then for us next season! GREAT!!!


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11 Responses to [Podcast] Next season it will be Thursday nights with John Barnes for us gooners!

  1. Darren says:

    100% spot on. Keep up telling the truth mate we need realist fans

  2. T Gooner says:

    Exactly. The Eboue riddle is making me nuts week in week out. Denilson and Diaby are shit.
    We still have to go to Anfield and Old Trafford. To catch villa they need to lose 3 games more than us in the last 13. Can’t see that happening

  3. Eric S says:

    This is indeed sad, but it’s the truth. We will most probably finish 5th now. Don’t forget Everton is right behind us. If they catch us, we may not even qualify for Uefa Cup. What next? Intertoto Cup? What a disgrace if it really turns out like that!

  4. jj says:

    Eboue is crazy…why play the guy in our team??? I really feel adeboyor and eboue have to be sold as soon as possible if we are challenge for honours next season…

  5. Red-Till-Dead says:

    I totally agree with everything you said!!!! It breaks my heart to see how poor we have become!!
    We were once a team who would scare the fucking daylights out of teams!! Now we just seem a soft touch..Even with ten men we should have beaten that load of shit!!
    Some of our players should be ashamed(you know!), they don’t realize how privileged they are to play for such a club!…….DEPRESSED

  6. kmd says:

    ure 100% right

  7. BBGooner says:

    100% agree. We are crap and we wont be getting a CL spot.
    How the fuck can Wenger say this is the best team he has had? Its a fucking joke. Its the worst team I have seen for ages.

    If Wenger had got off his arse last summer and brought a few players it would be a different story, but no he decided to sell a few players and do nothing about it. What pisses me off more is when he starts talking about the credit crunch and going on about how we stick to guns with home grown talent. Fuck that, what is that getting us? Last time I looked the PL cup only had one name on it, it doesn’t say winners Manchester United 2008 but Arsenal were only 4 points behind with a young team, and they didn’t spend a lot this season so they should have won it really.

    While I’m on a rant, I bet we’ll get a load of bullshit quotes from Ade tomorrow saying we are still in the title race.

  8. gooner says:

    well said mate….week in week out same shit!

  9. Metal Gear says:

    100% agree I’m fucked off in all I mean Wenger’s team selection again was awful

  10. How I love all tha gooners here. I mean BBGooner..think about it. Its amazingly weird the people that keep insisting that we are gonna win the title in particular Ademissabayor and Diaby ..it’s puzzling cuz these same players are crap. You sometimes wonder if they shdn’t let their football do the talking and on the pitch. Am still compiling Wenger’s crap comments which i will unlesh here soon. To get a sneak peak…. “I can understand the critics who say we are not in the title race, and it is part of my job to make the second half of the season better. I have analysed what we have done and what others have done, and it makes me believe that we can be at the top again soon. So many people are questioning my team, but I have every faith in them. Technically, they still have it all..” Yea right…i wonder what he believes in now.

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