The race for a CL spot gets even hotter!

They say that the only certain things are death and taxes, although I would like to add Man Utd winning the premier league (yet again) this season to the list. I think that Liverpool have done enough to secure at least 3rd position although with Gerrard out who knows, particularly if somebody nobbles Torres. I have just been looking at the other teams fighting it out for a Champions League spot, namely Chelsea, Villa and Arsenal.

Actually, to be honest what I have been doing is trying to convince myself that Gooners will be following footy on Tuesday and Wednesday nights next season, watching the likes of Barcelona and Bayern, rather than that other tournament that the spuds have been in lately….I think it’s something called the Eufa Cup.  And what a close race it is turning out to be.

Arsenal have not been this bad since 05/06 season when we just snuck 4th at the end. We had been 5th or 6th for the whole of 2006 and then bingo, we beat Wigan 4-2 on the last day of the season whilst Spurs lost to the Hammers. The comparison between this season and 05/06 is interesting: after 25 games in 05/06 we were in 5th place on 41pts, three behind Spurs and seven behind Liverpool. Right now we are 5th on 44pts,  five behind Chelski and seven behind Villa. We managed to accumulate 26pts in the last 13 of the season, including 8 wins (one being a 5-0 against Villa) and overhauled Spurs. Can we overhaul Chelsea or Villa this time around?

The diagram below shows my crystal ball gazing, based on the allignment of the planets and the colour of my turds this morning. Arsenal have some “easy” matches coming up, and if we are to have any chance we will need to go on a bit of a winning spree starting now. Villa have some tough matches coming up and I am encouraged by the pattern of my tea leaves to believe that they could run into a string of horrendous results, giving hope to us all. I cannot see Chelsea being pegged back – they are due a few wins and an ideal time to start would be their next match away to Villa. If Villa win that one we are doomed.

Anyway…..I reckon we end up level on points with Villa and it will come down to goal difference, and by then, with our new maestro ARSHAVIN in the fold, we will have chalked up a couple of 4-0’s and will secure that CL spot by the tiniest of margins, sending Villa fans into dispair!!!  Martin O’Neil will be blubbing “I would really love it….” Keegan style as his team gradually gets hauled back.

Of course, ask me when I take my rose tinted specs off and I will tell you a very different tale.

what does the future hold?

what does the future hold?

4 Responses to The race for a CL spot gets even hotter!

  1. George says:

    Lets not understimate Villa here..who is to say we will collect 3 points in each of our next three points..thats what we expected in the last few games…either way..all the blogs are still going on about us hoping to make the CL..lets not focus on that..instead get a grip and actually think we might play Uefa cup next season. and remember to SHUD THE PANI ALL OVER YOUR PHUDI

  2. bokononist29 says:

    Interesting chart. Shows that our side really needs to win our next few games because they become apparently much more difficult to win later in the season. Also a draw against blackburn at home? But from the looks of things its going to come down to the wire for 4th spot.

  3. mike says:

    Does this take into account Chelsick’s new management?

  4. Himmat Sio says:

    bascially the gunners need to bring back pires and freddie because otherwise teams will just keep shadding on them?
    I mean shadd the p mate, SHAD THE P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the other day I saw my dads massive luli, it was amazing!!!

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