[Podcast] Is Wenger Un-sackable?

Following on from “Scolari sacked! Could Wenger be the next to go?”

Podcast # 6 Is Wenger Un-sackable?


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33 Responses to [Podcast] Is Wenger Un-sackable?

  1. TT says:

    I do believe that you are 100% an Arsenal fan, but I don’t really think that you look at it in the correct way. Wenger has made a big mistake in not replacing Lehmann, Campbell and Hleb but what other manager would do what Wenger has done?

    Its impossible to think that any other manager could do it. He is performing miracles with the money he has spend (whether or not he has more to spend)

    He has replaced Hleb with Arshavin and hopefully Djourou will step up alongside gallas, but we are not far. There are slight problems that are made worse by big injuries.

  2. thegoonerforum says:

    Replacing Flamini was the key point to this season.

    How he allowed both Diarra and Flamini to leave and has not signed a DM player is crazy?

  3. YourDaddy says:

    Yes he is. You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. I’m enjoying being an Arsenal fan even if we don’t get into Europe I hope we will become one of the strongest teams over the next ten years with this team. It’s great to watch our team develop this season, the young players like Song and Denilson are learning so much this season, i just hope we can keep this team together. Another thing… WE ARE THE HIGHEST ENGLISH OWNED CLUB IN THE LEAGUE. Thats something to be proud of.

  4. TT says:

    TGF, how was it crazy? Denilson has been fantastic. Flamini was playing alongside the best central midfielder in the World at that time, who has Denilson got? Diaby, Ramsey and Song… On the wings? Rosicky and Hleb compared to Nasri and Eboue/Walcott… not the same.

    Denilson has better stats than Flamini (I know I know a stat is a stat) but can you honestly tell me that we miss a force in the middle more than a creative player other than Nasri and van Persie?

    Look at Man Utd, they don’t even have a defensive midfielder!

  5. Marko says:

    Yes. Sack him and we won’t be able to attract great players and there’d be a bus load of players waiting to leave. Lets hope all those stupid fans who call for Wenger to be sacked aren’t listened to. You know sometimes I think this blog is created by a spurs fan.

  6. thegoonerforum says:


    Cesc had a great season last year coz of Flamini!! How many goals did he score last season? 12-15? how many has he scored this? 1?

    thats coz flamini allowed him to attack and do what comes best to him. Now Cesc has to play with Denilson etc and they are not as desciplined as Flamini and now Cesc has to track back more.

    Denilson has not been fantastic at all mate

  7. TT says:

    I am not arguing that Denilson is a better DM than Flamini (he is a better footballer though) but the gap in quality is nothing compared to the gap left by Hleb. With Hleb and Fabregas in the team Adebayor was awesome, this season he is pathetic.

  8. thegoonerforum says:

    Marco. If we dont win anything this year bus loads of players will be off in the summer.

    Cesc, RVP , Ade & Gallas

  9. john says:

    pod cast from armchair tv fan is it? we have been unlucky where fighting all the time where not chelsea sacking managers left right and centre and still no better off.
    wenger best manager in the prem why the hell do we wanna sack him?

    i tell you what wrong with arsenal is they build big and got a bit of debt and team spending as suffered a set back for a few years so what we have had great times many many times and the great times will return.

    go drink red bull and pod cast for chelsea mate

  10. thegoonerforum says:

    Thanks for that John.

  11. TT says:

    Fabregas played further up the field alongside Denilson, created more goal attempts (that were missed) had more shots and passed the ball more. It was his own form that was lacking, and the form of others. Denilson also made more tackles and interceptions than Flamini (in the amount of games played by now) as well as more assists, goals and passes.

    I liked Flamini, but it was basically Denilson with less quality and more running – perhaps more effective, but you cannot compare the quality of the players around them.

    Denilson would rather do a simple tackle whereas Flamini concede a foul and gee up the crowd.

    Arsene would ahve signed a DM in the window if we lacked a ball winner. And don’t mention Alonso because he is the last player you would want to replace Flamini, he is a lot mroe like Denilson with less defensive ability.

  12. Gooner1 says:

    Not hard to grasp mate.

    Managers get sacked at Real Madrid because the board knows full well they give their manager every means to sign whom ever he wishes, same stands for Barca, Chelsea, Inter etc etc

    The Arsenal board understand that AW has peanuts to work with in comparison to the clubs we seek to challenge and topple i.e Man Utd and co and know no other manger could come close to even finishing in the top half of the PL with such meger resources let alone hope to challenge said clubs.

    AW gets much of the blame by Gooners for our lack of spending but the acquisitions of the likes of Jeffers, Henry, Wright, Wiltord, Reyes and only recently comrade Arshavin were all costly deals. AW is no fool, he has not somehow lost the plot and thinks a team that once contained a CM with the likes like Vieira, Razor, Edu and Gilberto can win a plethora of trophies with kids such as Ramsey, Diaby, Song and Denilison. He’s been dealt a harsh hand by the board but we’re just lucky that unlike a certain Jose Mourhino who threw his toys out the pram after Roman refused to give him an extra 20 MP for a new CB , AW is ambitious and loyal enough to do his best to build a quality squad even though he can’t come close to matching the expenditure of the likes of Pompey, Scum and Chelsea let alone Man Utd and Man City.

    Bottom line all those on there “AW needs to go if we win nothing” soap box should ask themselves what other top manager would even consider coming to the Arsenal with an annual out lay of 5 MP Net per season let alone come close to succeeding?

  13. wait and see now arshavin has signed cesc will depart to barca in the summer and ya ya comin to arse plus cash more cash for our miserly board

  14. redbearer says:

    Obviously he is but why would we ever sack someone who is part of the furniture / fabric of the club.

    He has been more loyal than any player and in modern times loyalty is a rarity… not many managers can spot talent like he does and groom young players into future stars. If Alex Ferguson can get knighted after winning the Champions league.. then it would only prove to be fitting for AW to get a honourable knighthood when we have a deserved star imprinted on the Arsenal shirt… that must be the next objective!
    Ultimately Chelski have looked at the fixture list and they now know that we could realistically finish ahead of them in 4th spot… and so another irrational sacking occurs without any consistent managerial strategy because their real fear is to finish behind Villa and Arsenal.. well out of the Champions league berths.

    Personally I would be delighted to see them fail because money can’t buy you love!

  15. barnaby says:

    Wenger has made a wrong turn by overdoing the youth policy, let’s see if he can correct it. Arshavin represents a step in the right direction.

  16. uk bubbler says:

    Interesting, valid question to ask, I think we all know Wenger wouldn’t be sacked. He makes to much money for the board, he said so himself. What I don’t understand is any time someone questions the clubs ambitions, their shouted down.

    Whats the truth with this club, have we money to spend on players or not? has wenger still got the drive and hunger to succeed? I don’t think so, personally I think wenger and the board decided a long time ago that top 4 is fine with them. Regardless of champ league or not, this summer is going to be key and tell us exactly the direction this great club is going in.

  17. Marko says:

    I don’t agree that if we were not to win anything this season that players like Fabregas would leave. He’s a smart guy and leaving to go to a club like Madrid would be a terrible move for him cause there’s no stability at that club and there is at ours. People must realise we’ve been fucked with injuries in key areas this season. But if you get rid of Wenger then the whole club will fall on hard times. I’m dreading when he retire I really am. Common sense is needed.

    You always get fans who think they could do a better job than the manager. But when in fact they should stick to watching in the pub.

  18. QD says:

    Most definitely Yes. AW IS UN-SACKABLE.He is one of the best managers in the world if not the best.Let me re-emphasise, AW will not be sacked by the arsenal board, the arsenal fans will not demand for him to be sacked because they are not stupid and he will only leave arsenal Club when he is ready to retire. But why this question and why are you inviting this debate??

  19. Sam says:

    Wenger is unsackable. Arsenal have a great policy that revolves around Wenger. Sacking Wenger would do a lot of damage to the club and the board knows it.

  20. Thomas says:

    You have shown yourself up with this one mate.
    I have listened to the last few of your rants about Arshavin and the west ham game and whilst I have always thought that you were a bit of a dick head you did raise a few good points and I had a giggle in a kind of thank god i don’t sit next to this fella at the grove,but he is quite funny kind of a way-but you’ve got to get real and stick by Wenger and not talk in this way pal,because fans like you make me a little embarrassed and doubt your true support for OUR club-
    Arsenal fans criticising Wenger really need to get real in my opinion.I’m not going to slag people off for having a different opinion to my own,but the argument is completely flawed.We have the best manager in the world-Roman Calderon was trying to get him for Real Madrid only a few weeks back,and selling his name to Madrid fans like they would normally do for a star player!
    We need to be patient as fans,yes things are disappointing at present,but come on,imagine if BIG spending Utd,Chelsea ,Liverpool or Villa were missing 4 key players of the calibre of Cesc,Theo,Rosicky and Eduardo like we have-let alone the bad luck and injury’s again last season.Its a miracle we are still in the hunt for 4th(which I’m pretty sure we will at least get)
    We have the best crop of young talent on our books in world football,we play in one of the best stadiums in world football(where we can all still drink in same pubs and take same journey etc as Highbury which is pure class on the clubs part).We have gained millions of fans world wide in the past 12 years.We haven’t spent anything near the likes of Spurs,Chelsea,Utd or Liverpool.We are still owned by true Arsenal men.We have played in the champions league 10 years in a row,and we are in a better financial position than most top clubs in Europe.To criticise Arsene Wenger is highlighting a very short memory or knowledge of Arsenal Football Club,that’s a fact which is backed up by my points raised as he has been instrumental in all of them.Please get a grip,wake up and be extremely thankful and SUPPORTIVE that the greatest manager in world football today is loyal and in love with our club-because the story wont end like this guys,we will be top dogs again-not long to wait,its coming,we’ve seen glimpse’s over the past 18 months-and when it arrives we will of done it the right way,the arsenal way.With that touch of class.Just got to have a bit more patience I think we as FANS owe the fella at least that.You maybe should phone Tom Watt on Friday night and share you views with him,as I’m sure you like your own voice,and it would be good for you to show yourself up to a bigger audience.Hang you head in shame-embarrassing.

  21. bg says:

    gilberto to old and past it for wenger but good enough for brazil

  22. olubunmi says:

    yes he is unsackeable,if you do not like that then you are free to leave the club and support manchester city. but for me, in PROF.Arsene we trust

  23. LukeB says:

    To be honest I think if we get rid of Wenger we’re f*cked. It’ll all go down the drain. So be careful what you question or what you ask for cause it could turn in to a Sh*tstorm!

  24. Surrey Gunner says:

    The answer is yes he is unsackable

    Lets assume he was sacked, lets just have a global search for a replacement via some head hunters. The person has to have the following:

    Experience of managing a world class team
    Gain the trust of the board,and chairman
    Gain the trust of the support
    Has a clear and affordable strategy to develop the existing squad
    Experience of the intensity of EPL
    Speaks English

    Well I can only think of perhaps one person (Van Baston). I can’t think of anyone in UK now, or in the past I would want.

    So he is here, we are stuck with him but more importantly we believe in his strategy, of developing the team, we are also Arsenal supporters who support through good and bad times and defend Arsenal at all costs( Sorry getting carried away) but this keeps coming up. the lessons we have learn’t is stablity of the manager is the critical factor Ferguson, Moyes.

  25. BBGooner says:

    I wonder why people think that Wenger IS Arsenal. I mean, you listen to some fans and they will have you believe that Arsene was out building the Emirates on his own. Out every day laying bricks, cutting steel with an angle grinder, phoning suppliers to get material delivered etc. Yeah I know he paid his part in the design but he didn’t build the fucking thing.

    I know he has done great things for the club, yes he helped take us to the next level, but when he leaves the club, and he will one day, unless you really think he is a god and will live forever. Arsenal will continue without him. The world won’t crumble, the board wont say, that’s it guys, Arsene gone lets fold the club up there is no point in continuing.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want Arsene to leave, I have no idea who would replace him. But I think he has become complacent and focused more on proving his point of bring teenagers through rather than winning things.

  26. GoonerVance says:

    Wenger is Un-sackable and rightfully so. I hope Wenger literally stays a gooner til he dies.

  27. William McDonald says:

    Nothing is guaranteed in life. I believe along with many gunner fans AW has lost the plot since the heady days of 2004. At that time he was the equal if not the superior to the red nosed but sadly he has gone backwards.
    Why is this so? He has seen fit to revise the blue print with his emphasis on youth. This is done with his buy young loan out policy.And for the last few years he has been calling for patience when with the buying of two to three established players as opposed to youth with wc potenetial Arsenal would have the necessary experience.Yes I know injuries decimated the squad but it happens to all teams.
    He continues to insist his kids will come to dominate in the next few years when the present matters most.We will never know if his transfer budget is 70 million gbp or 7 million gbp.
    I’m afarid this season will be the watershed of things to come inthe years to come.
    We all know he has done wonderful things for Arsenal but a manager is only as good as his last game.
    Frankly if AA doesn’t ignite the gunners season ,be prepared for non cl or non Uefa
    cup soccer. This is the extent of the current Arsenal slump.If with the return of senior players,the gunners continue to flounder you have been told why.
    The buck stops with AW .

  28. same old says:

    When Wenger leaves, it will indeed be a sh*tstorm, because by then there won’t be any quality left at all.

    I can’t see him ever winning anything again with Arsenal (not the league, anyway). I lost faith somewhere between when he refused the offer of Tevez (who wins everything wherever he goes) and refusing to strengthen during January last year (which would have won the league).

    He sticks with Eboue and Diaby, who are no longer young by the way, when he could easily pay 4m for Nolan or 5m for Bullard – not big transfer fees. Even Gilberto has said that we need more experience and Pires has said we need more English players – they care about the club. And every fan and punter knows we are soft through the middle.

    It’s like watching a car crash in slow motion and if you care about the club, you hate to see it. Plastic fans are the ones who don’t care.

    If all we care about is finishing 4th, then we ARE the new spurs. It’s just as well they are the new Newcastle (or Leeds, hopefully).

    But a new manager would have to be better than him, and who is better right now?

    Hiddink – snapped up by Chelsea,
    Mourinho – happy enough for the time being at inter.
    Ferguson – not an option.
    Capello – that would be funny, but treacherous…
    O’Neill – he won’t leave Villa now, no way.
    Apart from them, it is all gambling:

    Trapatoni – too old.
    Rijkaart – who knows?
    Van Basten & Bergkamp combo – maybe in the future.

    Sure there would be lots of half good managers who would love to make 5m a year, but are any of them as good as Wenger? even a declining Wenger?

    Mark Hughes was looking the business at Blackburn, but he turned to sh*t.
    Who’s to say that Moyes or any other f*cker wouldn’t do the same at Arsenal?

    So for now, sadly, probably the best thing is to stick with AW.
    We are only 2 players short – Hangeland and a DM.
    Although if Cesc and Van Persie leave for Barca, we will need more.

  29. charlie says:

    In most other clubs, he could be sacked, but not at Arsenal and MU. This is because both these clubs believe in long term continuity and stability. Both do not play to the tune of some vociferous and fickle fans, who are actually the minority in most clubs. These fans, are particularly destructive. They listen to tabloids and hold those reports as gospel truth. Unfortunate most club management give in to their demands, maybe, mirroring their own immmaturity. As such,we see a lot of pressure for managers to produce short term results.
    I believe, and hopefully the board at Arsenal continue to believe in long term stability and orderly succession. In this regard, I do not believe that Arsene willbe sacked, unless he gets caught in a scandal like Graham. Otherwise we should see him continue to lead the club into the future. Long live Arsene.

  30. goonerSV says:

    what a load of tosh….hang your head in shame mate….

  31. lq says:

    Surrey Gunner- trust me, we don’t want van Basten (which is what I assume you meant). He’s running Ajax into the ground. Given more money than any team in the Netherlands, a free hand to remodel the club as he sees fit…and they’re third, behind a team managed by Steve McClaren. He’s been nearly a complete disaster and is clearly not ready to manage at that level. If he can’t handle Ajax, how would he handle Arsenal?

  32. Giles. says:

    GoonerSV, Hang YOUR head. You FAKE. To pose such a question on this poor excuse of a fucking blog is, well,…..what ive come to expect from this fucking kindergarten wank-fest of a ‘blog’. the sooner we offload some of YOU tossers the better for us REAL gooners. We know your type. Thankfully, you’re in a tiny warped minority and its great to see some REAL fans speak some sense on this dog shit blog.

    ‘Thomas’. spot on! and you’ve no doubt noticed!

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