Scolari sacked! Could Wenger be the next to go?

Wenger must wake up each morning and thank his lucky stars that the board and fans at Arsenal are as understand then some of the other BIG clubs around the world.

I look at Real Madrid, Chelsea and loads more, and the way they have sack there manager after bad results and wonder why is Wenger’s job so safe and never put into doubt?

Chelsea are above us in the league, They have a manager who has hardly had time to adjust to the English game and yet the fans were calling for his head after the weekends draw with Hull. The board reacted with the sacking of the world cup-winning manager and are now on the lookout for a replacement.

So why is Wenger’s job so safe at Arsenal? We are currently 5th in the league and have not won anything since 2005. But yet the Arsenal board and “most” fans are happy with the job that Wenger is doing?

If Wenger was at any other big club in the world I’m sure he would have been sack by know. So why do the Arsenal fans and the board accept this?

I know why the board loves Wenger, its simple he makes them profit ever season. What other manager could finish in the top 4/5 every season after selling his best players and replacing them with kids and cheep Africans? But is that success for Wenger and the board? Are they happy with making a profit ever season and making it into Europe without winning anything?

Is that what we have become?  What happened to the days of fighting for the title?

We are now more then TEN points behind the leaders and in 5th place but yet most fans I speak to on the forum still come out with the famous saying “ In Arsene we trust”

I’m not sure if there trust is justified anymore, Wenger seems to be living off his pass achievements. It now seems like both Wenger and the club are stuck in a rut and are content with the way things are and cant be arsed to try and change things. It’s almost like a married couple that are in a long-term relationship that’s clearly not working and are only staying together for the sake of the kids.

If Arsenal want to improve next season they need to be brave. Ether changes the transfer policy at the club and brings in top class players. Or change the manager! Something needs to change at Arsenal as its clearly not working.

The question is are the board or fans brave enough to want a change? Or are they just happy to carry on with the way things are?

I know what’s coming in the reply comments!

Loads of abuse calling me plastic and telling me to naf off to Man City,

Fans asking, “WHO are we going to replace him with?

And loads of teenagers telling me that without Wenger we would be doomed, as we owe everything to him!

Updated : Podcast on this subject


Ether way, Things need to change at Arsenal as the great Wenger project is clearly not working!

57 Responses to Scolari sacked! Could Wenger be the next to go?

  1. Gunner Dude says:

    Bloody good articule

  2. pete says:

    Totally agree with this. Now is the time to start looking for a replacement.

  3. raj says:

    the reason to keep wenger as our manager is very simple…no other manager with the finances available could do a better job

  4. North for Short says:

    Only if fans like you want him to. I really can’t understand you guys. Talk to a real fan, Charlie George and he will tell you who the most important signing Arsenal has ever made or do you watch Arsenal as Championship manager? I know what I rather want at this moment and that is a stable management team who can and will deliver the goods however if fans keep on berating him and FORGETTING his achievements BOTH ON AND OFF the field, then welcome to mediocrity world. You are never going to beat what we have now!

  5. solz says:

    yeah sack wenger and get a new manager who will need to build his own team and require atleast £50mil which the whole world knows. what next, arsenal best players leave with wenger, arsenal go bust, oh yeah ur right SACK THE MANAGER

  6. Mo says:

    u r 1 ov da biggest idiots ive eva herd ov….
    riting about wenger leaving…
    if he leaves every1 wud leave.. end off
    u fink fabregas wud stay if he left?
    wha about walcott?.. clichy, van perise, nasri??
    or sagna?
    all dese fukin players wud leave if he left
    besides wenger is jus a stubborn cunt who wont spend money
    dats his problem…
    sack wenger u no
    ur a JOKE m8
    stop talkin crap n support da team 4 fuk sake
    stupid fans like u need 2 start supporting man utd
    der winning trophys n spending money

  7. abc says:

    To be a patient gooner boy~ Wenger just have bad luck these years, if MU ,Liverpool, and chelski have same injury keyplayers list like us, can they lost zero in preivous 11 games like gunners??? If Arsene’s team have good health, he would be better than Benitez, they lost top1 on table in previous game without keyplayers injury, it’s Benitez tactics wrong. Trust Arsene, he is the only one coach can compared with Ferguson, he just bad luck.

  8. biscuit says:

    Sacking Wenger would suicide. Consistency and continuity wins trophies thats why Man Utd always win. Wenger has made mistakes yes but, we are on the verge of something great. AC Milan are not exactly setting the world alight and finished outside the top four but Ancelotti wasnt sacked.
    Real Madrid sacked both managers and now wont win Squat. Chelsea upset Mourinho and cant keep hold of a manager so they wont be winning either. The Managers door @ Sp*rs is like a revolving door thats why they spend millions but Still find themselves in a relegation dogfight. If you want to Wenger’s achievements then Just look at the emirates stadium, london colney, our “brand” of football and not to mention the highest amount of members in the world.

    Thats wy the board/fans love him. the profit margin is just a bonus

  9. Sober Gunner says:

    You plastic, naf off to Man City

    WHO are we going to replace him with?

    without Wenger we would be doomed, as we owe everything to him!

    In Wenger We Trust

  10. adrian says:

    What a load of old tosh. Arsene Wenger is fireproof and will not be sacked. The only way he’ll leave is when he decides to.

  11. Armourist says:

    Following your logic, that means Man U should have sacked Ferguson, as he went three years without winning the title. Look what they have gone on to achieve, Do you actually think things thru before you post, as I dont think you do.

  12. Mrs van Persie says:

    What a bunch of idiots –

  13. TTMS says:

    Is this a bad joke? Or what else?????

  14. Jimi says:

    It would be working if half the squad wasn’t always injured!
    Right now most of our great players arent playing…


    have been off at crucial times:

    and now we can add

    So yes your right that you would get abuse for your article.
    If you had this squad and could predict that all these players would be missing at crucial points in the season, then right you are, the manager should be sacked for not pre-empting so many blows to the line up.

    Without this more experienced first team fully fit its hard to introduce his young stars like Wilshere, Ramsey, Lansbury, Merida and all the other bright sparks because together they dont quite cut it yet, but supported by the first teamers can be equally brilliant.

    Wenger has had rotten luck, and its all down to injuries. Otherwise Arsenal easily have the potential to win the Premier League, I think this season may be far fetched to comeback with so many injuries still hanging, but back into the top four is a very real possibility if some luck would fall Arsenals way in terms of health.

    I hope the team can keep the confidence and believe they can succeed because I know they can. Wenger is the heart of our team! Take him out and the team would die. This is a real possibility for Portsmouth in my opinion, I hope they can survive this crazy desicion to sack Adams.


  15. rvpsleftpeg says:

    good piece but you answer the question you pose in it:

    “I know why the board loves Wenger, its simple he makes them profit ever season. What other manager could finish in the top 4/5 every season after selling his best players and replacing them with kids and cheep Africans?”

    that is why … if you were running a business which unfortunately football now is, you would want someone like Wenger running it. He is untouchable at Arsenal.

    It pains me to see us so far off the pace but i believe injuries have been especially harsh this season and that has decimated us.

    I think if anything can galvanise the board and wenger to sort transfer policy out then it will be failure to get champs league place.

    at the moment wenger truly believes we will get it and the board totally support him too.
    so feck all will happen till then whether us fans like it or not.

  16. Manc Doug says:

    Although I am a Man. Utd fan Arsene Wenger for me has been a revelation for Arsenal ever since the first day he became your manager.
    What other manager has produced players mostly unknown and then turned them into stars?
    Ok you could argue Sir Alex has done that and I wouldn’t disagree but Wenger has unearthed some good talents over the years and mostly at a snip too!
    Wenger is now suffering from all the years of success, as all clubs do but from what I can see, he is quietly rebuilding for the future. Some of his buys have not come off, that is true but Arsenal have suffered bad injuries to key players, Rosicky for 1 and replacing them in todays climate is extremely costly, not an Arsenal trait is it to buy big?
    So give some credit to Wenger and furthermore, be patient! It takes time to turn things around but I would not be at all surprised if Arsenal are not back at the top in a year or 2 challenging for major honours.
    You know most clubs would give an open cheque book for a ‘Wenger’ who could achieve what he has achieved over the years, for most managers achieve ‘SFA’ during their time.

  17. gunners88 says:

    i agree that we need a change.. more like wenger needs to change his vision and tactics of playing the deadwoods such as eboue, diaby,song and denilson(sometimes)

    but i diagree with the “Is that what we have become? What happened to the days of fighting for the title?”
    bcause we did fight for the title just last season but faded away pathetically, and we made it to the final of 06 cl which we shld have won had lehmann not be off.

    and i seriously think that arsene really wanted to bring alonso and inler but couldnt for some money related issues, shows you that deep inside he dont trust the youth project that much since he’s buying experience. but it’s the constant playing of his favourites(deadwoods) which is so frustrating,that i dont understand, and of course his deluded post match interview which are always making me sick this season.

  18. manuel says:

    If you want to make a point for discussion with credibility, make sure you run spell check and run the rule over your grammar too.

    It’s hard to take what you are saying seriously when the piece is so poorly constructed.

    Wenger is lucky to have our board, but I think at the moment we are in between a rock and a hard place. I’m not sure replacing him would do us any good at all really. There is no one out there that excites me and makes me think, ‘yes you could do a better job on the budget we have’.

    It is a time for us fans to be patient I suppose. I am more than willing to give Arsene the time and opportunity to turn things around.

  19. Sleek says:

    Thank you MancDoug! Everything you say has been the truth!
    A man with more sense than a lot of us “Gooners”, I give you respect sir.

    Building the Emirates Stadium has totally changed our outlook on football. Yes it is about money but that is for Arsenal’s future. We have a World Class stadium that can be expanded in the future to accomodate more fans – who else can build a stadium like that now in this recession? Even today there is a Brazil vs Italy match and that means more income and also recognition for the stadium and us as a club.

    Thanks to Arsene Wenger for his foresight and business sense. Rather than go out and buy, buy, buy he has been very careful(Yes, stingy!) and it has affected our ability to compete BUT the onus is on making savings now and reaping the rewards later.

    Regarding the youth we have, give it time and some of them will make it. Even Alex Ferguson went to see Arsenal youth vs Burnley and he was impressed, especially with Wiltshire. That is a good sign! If our defence was stronger that day we would have won, but they are learning and are still teenagers.

    Hopefully Arsene and the board can see now that we do need investment to stay in the top four for now and that Villa has shown them we are no longer safe and guaranteed to finish fourth.

    I believe we need two defenders and a strong midfielder(We should have bought Alonso) and any players who want to leave can go, i.e Gallas, Toure and Adebayor.

    Again, like all Arsenal fans I am unhappy where we are now in the league but we have had terrible injuries and do not have a big squad, really we are doing great to be fifth!

    When the development is sold this year, our debt will drop and spending will increase. At least we bought a player, that is a good sign and we will be back at the top soon. We are on the right track, it is taking time that is all…

    Look at the Spuds, they have spent so much more than us and look where they are! Will they ever win the league in this day and age? No way!

    But you would not say that about Arsenal though!

  20. TJ says:

    So, you really want us to be like comedy clubs Real Madrid and Chelsea, with half the footballing world laughing out loud every time they sack a manager after 6 months? Maybe you also want us to be like Tottenham, see how they are spending for example? Clearly a better recipe for success.

    There are certain things like respect and trust and Arsene Wenger if anyone has earned them both. Do you think ManU would be sacking Sir Alex if they would be 10 points from the top in the middle of the season? No, of course they wouldn’t, what a stupid idea.

    You say Wenger would be sacked in any other team with the results like this. Sure, should he have been in the club for a year or two and shown nothing, that’s probably true. But after 12 years, after doing what he has done you still wonder where the trust comes from? Fans are always so eager to point out how we have won nothing in recent years but fail to remember that at the same time we have built a stadium worth 500 million and yet we are in a very strong position financially. And that’s without any millionaire owner paying the bills.

    And it’s not like we would have fought against the relegation or went out of the cups in the first rounds during that time. Actually, couple of times the trophies have been extremely close and we have managed to stay in the CL positions the whole time. It would be stupid to think that an investment like that does not affect the position of the club at all, but we have managed to stay competitive and that’s all thanks to Wenger.

    You do not need to look too far for a team that was fighting for a fourth place few years back and has after that has changed the manager twice and spent huge amount of money for players. And and where are they now? Fighting against the relegation.

  21. oldschoolgunner says:

    Breathtaking ignorance calling for the sacking of Wenger. Its safe to say that he is the SOLE reason that so much talent has gravitated to Arsenal. If he left, the board would most certainly NOT provide any more money. Arsenal would then require a manager who has world class managing skills AND be prudent financially, almost impossible
    Wenger baiters shoud get this into their extremely unintelligent heads WENGER IS THE MOST COVETED MANAGER IN THE WORLD, BECAUSE HIS TACTICAL GENIUS IS PARALELLED BY HIS FINANCIAL PRUDENCE. Not taking anything away from old Red Nose (because ANY football fan who doesn’t acknowledge his genius is an idiot) or even Morinho, who definitely revitalised English football, but culd they have made such achievements on Wnger’s budget? Probably not.

  22. fanner says:

    Alright, let Arsene go, I hope he join Spurs and thereafter i would be a Spur fan. I ain’t English, I do not have North London Derby problem. Go Arsene go, join Spurs and let these pampered, taking for granted Arsenal fans face the consequences. GO Arsene GO!

  23. Ritto says:

    I don’t think Wenger should be sacked, but I do think he needs some new blood around him. In the same way a new player can rejunate a team, a new member of the coaching staff could re-energise Wenger. Pat Rice is an Arsenal legend so we do not have to get rid of him but maybe bringing in a new face to the coaching team who can give Wenger new ideas about players, tactics the whole lot, and maybe even be someone Wenger can mould into his sucessor. I know there is more to Wenger’s staff than Rice but what about bring back Bergkamp, Keown, Dixon, Petit, Alan Smith even Adams once he has some confidence back. Steve Bould is doing a brilliant job with the Youth but maybe he wants to move up. Whoever comes in has the respect of the players, knows the workings of the club and workings of Wenger and has not been out of football long enough to be out of touch with the game. They don’t have the pressure of being a number 1, the fans would accept them and as recent winners of major trophies they know what they are talking about. There doesn’t seem to be any urgency about the current situation of the club and it would be nice to see a Bergkamp come in and stir things up.

  24. Frank says:

    The downside to blogs is that they give idiots like the author of this one the power to mass-polute the whole environment with filth!!!

    The days of the pen were better in one instance: At least you hoped one day dimwitted ‘writers’ would stab themselves with one and we’d never have to see their filth see the light of day again!

    So, you sack Wenger and replace him with who exactly? Complete imbeciles who have no sense of perspective, and have gotten used to taking Wenger-inspired sucess for granted!

    Keep on wishing on your stars, child! You will happily end up competing with Spurs to avoid the drop! For Spurs, have had as many mangerial changes as I’ve changed my haircuts, and have spend zillions of money – the two things idiots on here keep asking for. Where did it get them?

    Or Man City, or Newcastle?! Keep wishing, kids, your wishes might just come true and the mighty Arsenal will lie like so many so-called ‘sleeping giants’ again – aren’t Spurs one? Or Leeds, or Newcastle or Sunderland or Wolverhampton, or many others!!

  25. Cheap Africans:
    I thought yoiu had a point in your article until I came to the point of the cheap africans. Then I thought what type of imbecile write this self evident racist twaddle? Wenger is fine. The future is bright, cheap africans/asians/latinos or not!

  26. goonalegend87 says:

    Are u bein serious? is this a windup? oh sorry u r bein serious! right ok. Arsenal board sack wenger be prepared to let all our top players go and leave it to a manager who demands we spend money cos’ half the team want to go. Have u forgotten this:

    1. Arshavin signed for arsenal because he wants to play under wenger
    2. The above point counts also for most players signed i.e fabregas, van persie, toure, sagna u get my point
    3. No one could bring players into the premier league and make them superstars like arsene. What i mean is players like henry, pires, vieira. No one knew them yet wenger made them what they are.

    I could list things on and on, but i’ll just bore people. Its been hard these last few years but i’ve learnt to accept it. Trophies don’t just appear in the cabinet u earn it. We are close to having a quality side if everyone is fit our side is up there with the best. I believe that and im lookin on the bright side. We are in the champions league still and the f.a cup. We still have a shout to at least be in the top 4 of the premier league. Wenger needs to stay to build a team worthy to challenge i believe we are almost there. Last year this article was nowhere to be seen now one of these pops up everyday. I can’t help but laugh. I trust Arsene and it worries me to think who will be our manager after him. He has done a good job, and though sometimes he’s selection baffles me he knows what he is doin in the end he is the manager im just a manager on a not so realistic footy sim. He has won trophies and came close last year. He deserves a chance to try and win something for us. We owe him that much. No injuries to key players = trophy possibilities. End of.

  27. loneranger says:

    When you say something has to change (either they change the transfer policy or the manager), how do you expect any new manager to do anything if the transfer policy is still in place. As long as the transfer policy is in place, bring Sir Alex and it will still be the same.

  28. Russ says:

    He won’t get sacked because he hasn’t spent a fortune like Chelsea, Utd, Spurs, liverpool have.
    Same as Moyes didn’t get the sack at Everton when they’ve finished fairly low down the table.
    We were very unlucky not to win the league last season and have had some bad injuries this season again but fair play to villa, they have been better than us so far. There’s still a long way to go this season and a lot can happen yet. I suggest all these idiots who are calling for Wengers head should feck off and support a club like chelski who seem to think they have a devine right to win trophies every year.

  29. Mystikal Gooner says:

    I won’t throw any abuse your way. But I will ask you to try as much as possible to remember all the reactions of all the pundits and Man Utd fans to Fergie when Man Utd didn’t get anywhere near the title in 2004 & 2005.

    They all said it was time for him to go, that his time was up. Well, how d’you like him now?

  30. arsenal till the end of time says:

    who’s this dumb skull that pasted this article? imagine a man utd fan knows and realises much more than you do. shame on you!!! imagine, this club has reigned and won things b4 with very little money spent, and has also been in a very healthy and safe condition in terms of finance. and its all down to this one great tactician God has blessed us with. about… sack wenger!!! he’s just not an ordinary coach, he’s much more than that. why didnt man utd sack sir alex when they went three years trophyless? would this great collections that he’s got at his disposal be winning things now? you need to look at the future, although things gone a little bit wrong, but with time and patience this man would turn things around. he’s building on a long term basis not just what you ll get today alone. you wnt appreciate this man until some couple of years now. he’s a gift to arsenal football club. And if u dnt like it, you might as well fuck off to the next club. as you lot eint nothing but cup hunter.
    in Arsene we trust!!!

  31. QD says:

    Firstly, you are not getting responses because your article is insentive and rather unfair to AW. Secondly, i feel the arsenal board and mostly arsenal fans are not hypocrits compare to other clubs chairmen and fans alike who on the first sign of dry run starts shouting sack him, bring another manager. How are they ever so sure the new manager is the solution.T-Spurs is a good example as well as Chealsea and yet promblems are still unresolved.I feel we should count ourselfs lucky that we have a manager like AW. It is true that we have problems that are numerous, for example, we have so many players injuries to cope with, lack of transfer funds which is understandable given the new stadium etc. Regardless we have a manager who is doing is best under the circumstances and still manages to keep arsenal in touche with the other top teams in the EPL.

    To me your article lack balance regarding issues but rather full of sensationalism and front page grabing titles. what you are doing is repeating the same familiar theme we are all use to and no substance and that is the reason for ” no response”. To me you seem to have your hidden agenda to see AW sacked but the arsenal board and the arsenal fans are not stupid to let one of the best managers go. As an arsenal fan i back AW policy.

    lastly, may i ask you what you meant by “Cheap Africans”. I feel your reference is patronising.

  32. Garth says:

    As a Liverpool fan I can’t believe some of the rubbish people be posting on blogs these days. Maybe I should start a blog and talk a load of tosh as well. Ignorance and stupidity is a dangerous combination. Sacking Wenger….unbelievable!

  33. As a matter of fact Arsenal can’t survive without Wenger unless club be sold to another institution not this greedy f**ckin board who like profits than trophy. Have u p’ple realize one thng abt Arsenal! They like cheap labour tht’s why they culdn’t be able to maintain P.Viera,Kanu, Wiltord,Edu & eventually Flamin. Ths players proved to be top world class & top players need to be paid money not peanut tht’s why Wenger sacrifice them & replace them with villages who can accept any price jst to play for a top class team like Arsenal.

  34. Thomas says:

    Arsenal fans criticising Wenger really need to get real in my opinion.I’m not going to slag people off for having a different opinion to my own,but the argument is completely flawed.We have the best manager in the world-Roman Calderon was trying to get him for Real Madrid only a few weeks back,and selling his name to Madrid fans like they would normally do for a star player!
    We need to be patient as fans,yes things are disappointing at present,but come on,imagine if BIG spending Utd,Chelsea ,Liverpool or Villa were missing 4 key players of the calibre of Cesc,Theo,Rosicky and Eduardo like we have-let alone the bad luck and injury’s again last season.Its a miracle we are still in the hunt for 4th(which I’m pretty sure we will at least get)
    We have the best crop of young talent on our books in world football,we play in one of the best stadiums in world football(where we can all still drink in same pubs and take same journey etc as Highbury which is pure class on the clubs part).We have gained millions of fans world wide in the past 12 years.We haven’t spent anything near the likes of Spurs,Chelsea,Utd or Liverpool.We are still owned by true Arsenal men.We have played in the champions league 10 years in a row,and we are in a better financial position than most top clubs in Europe.To criticise Arsene Wenger is highlighting a very short memory or knowledge of Arsenal Football Club,that’s a fact which is backed up by my points raised as he has been instrumental in all of them.Please get a grip,wake up and be extremely thankful and SUPPORTIVE that the greatest manager in world football today is loyal and in love with our club-because the story wont end like this guys,we will be top dogs again-not long to wait,its coming,we’ve seen glimpse’s over the past 18 months-and when it arrives we will of done it the right way,the arsenal way.With that touch of class.

  35. nut says:

    I would like to hear all that in arsene we trust bollocks if we finish outside top 4 the now the only thing we play for, then lose the like of cesc, van p, theo, nasri and aa as these players are to good just to play for 4th place and i would not blame them for leaving this club as there is know ambition. Would you all trust then???? Like fuck you would!!!!!!this club is going backwards keep bigging up average shit players eboue, song diarby and bentner yet he aw can not see it. Un fucking believable how you think this is good enough………

  36. Frank says:

    nut (aka a complete nutter) wrote:

    I would like to hear all that in arsene we trust bollocks if we finish outside top 4 the now the only thing we play for, then lose the like of cesc, van p, theo, nasri and aa as these players are to good just to play for 4th place and i would not blame them for leaving this club as there is know ambition. Would you all trust then???? Like fuck you would!!!!!!this club is going backwards keep bigging up average shit players eboue, song diarby and bentner yet he aw can not see it. Un fucking believable how you think this is good enough………

    And you will hear it from me, because I’m not a spoilt child like you, or a johny-come-lately, who thinks for some bizzare reason Arsenal have a divine right to be in the Champions League 11 years running, all Wenger’s doing of course.

    Where wer you when Arsenal could not even make the Uefa Cup? Haven’t ManU been relegated before? You wouldn’t think it, would you?

    Who gives you the idea that Arsenal MUST be in the Chmapions League, regardless? Why? Based on what?

    Aren’t Milan out of the Champions League right now? Aren’t they a so-called European superpower, and haven’t they been spending much much more than us? How about Barca? Were they not dire straights – short of cash, no success on the pitch – for several years? How about the great Bayern Munich? Were they not playing Uefa cup football last year? Did that stop them signing Franck Ribery?

    You talk like a complete spoilt brat, and may be for some of those of your mind, you don’t deserve Arsenal or Wenger. So sod off and go support moneybags Chelsea or Man City!!!

    GO GO GO NOW!!!

  37. gee says:

    Im sorry but what have you sir or this blog ever done for arsenal?

    No seriusly what is your valued contirbution to the the club or the cause?

    i know for a fact wenger and even the board (yes dein too) have made much more positive contirbution in terms of actual ‘hard work’ to the cause than you can ever dream of.
    All you guys do is bitch and moan and that is your biggest contribution to the cause.
    Even a Man utd fan has told you what 99% of other fans think. Liverpool fans at work say near enough the same thing.
    But some how you have the nerve to write this shit and call your self an Arsenal blog.

    Shame on you and your anti arsenal Shit

    And Nut even if we finished out of the top four it would be good if only it got rid of the fair weather, glory hunting fans who cant see what even other fans from the top four can see. I bet Chelsea would take him straight away!!

  38. gee says:

    Even the “CHeap Africans” have fougght more and made more of a contribution than this blog to arsenal cause

    shame on you!!!!!

  39. pass master says:

    You are f*cking spot on, Goonerforum!

    Arsene knows?

    Any C*nt that sticks with Emmanuelle Eboue for FIVE F*UCKING YEARS doesn’t know sh*t!

  40. Rock says:

    Wow.. there are some breathtaking replies here.. I think we should sack the whole team and appoint the author to coach Arsenal. I would throw a copy of Football Manager 2010 PC version for free as well.

    Tag: Humor

  41. Hugo says:

    Abramovich has less patience with his managers because his current squad cost him £200 million, ours cost £65 million- less than the chavs, united, liverpool, city, spuds, newcastle and villa. I only read half your article because the content was nearly as bad as the spelling, you’re an idiot and shouldn’t be writing things in public.

  42. Goonster says:

    I think thats the problem. He can pretty much do what he wants and get away with it.
    He needs a kick up the arse

  43. Honestly this p’ple must change their tranfers policy if they really after trophies or else we will remain complained season in season out.

  44. KOLO says:

    “CHEAP AFRICANS” ?? What do you mean? Kolo, Eboue , Adebayor ?

  45. Daz says:

    Are you for real???

  46. Daz says:

    Your football knowledge is obviously as good as your English!

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  48. deanh says:

    Short memory mate!!!

    When Wenger does eventually RETIRE he will leave Arsenal Football Club in the strongest position they have ever been in regarding finances and players!!!

    Piss off down the road and support the scum you mug!!!

  49. thegoonerforum says:

    Thanks for all your comments!

    The podcast is about this subject >>>>

  50. bnbn says:

    you delude twat !

    sacking wenger would result in our best players leaving the club.

  51. thegoonerforum says:

    HELLO!! Our best players are leaving

  52. Adeboyneely says:

    I have listened to your opinion and do not agree with it. Your point about us not challenging is fair but…. Wenger does not make money for the board, the shareholders (the main ones being on the board) are not paid dividends therefore meaning that the financial actions of the club does not affect their payment. What is interesting is that Usmanov, the man who is advocating spending a lot of money like Abramovich has done, is the only major shareholder who has asked for dividens to be paid…..

    Wenger’s and Arsenal’s spending policy leaves the club in a strong financial position and does not have an affect on the wages of the board. I am very annoyed that the club is not challenging for major silverware but as a club we are in a very strong financial position for the future. Clubs like Chelsea, Sp*rs, Man U, Man City and Liverpool splash the cash but to believe that the bank is endless is just wrong. Abramovich has loaned Chelsea £600,000,000 NOT given. This means that he will have to be paid back and the only way that that happens is by the club making a profit (they do not even break even) or by the sale of the club for more than he has put in. To get back £600,000,000 and make a profit on it will not happen from the revenue of a football club, the wages are far to great for that and the maximum profits in a season are nearer £50,000,000, that is if the club buys no new players and makes no new developments. Ambramovich is believed to have lost between 10 and 14 BILLION in the credit crunch meaning that sooner rather than later he will need to sell and also that he has lost the power to invest (shown by the recent spending of Chavski). To think that the supply of Multi Billionaires is endless is wrong and there will come a point where no one wants to buy, meaning that the owner will need to Asset strip to get their money back (sell all players, Stadium and everything) destroying the club.

    That is the final position of clubs like Chelsea, where as Arsenal are in a position where they live by their own means, never needing to have investment like that of Chelsea. In the short term Oligarchs and Sheiks will be have fun with their toys and have success, but that will end very soon. Whilst we may not have a full trophy cabinet we have a club that works financially and will not be brought to its knees.

    Personally I’d prefer us having a trophy less few years than there being no Arsenal in the next few years.

    Id be very interested to hear what you think about what I have said?

  53. FOOLS …this blog apparently has brought out the best fools that we have as supporters…ofcourse there are quite a few that still see the light at the end of the tunnel. You do realise that when Arsenal can’t make it to the Champions League anymore then the so called great players you have now will start questioning the Ambition of this club …Yout hink when players say i came because of Wenger they really mean it? Don’t be such fools …players we have these days are just mercenaries ready to jump ship to the next employers who will pay them more money. Adebayor is still confused if he should have gone to Milan or Barca where apparently he could have been paid more than 100K if you believe Wenger Comments about him and can read between the lines. TRhat’s why you see that he is giving performances which are well below patr of the 80K he gets now at Arsenal he is thinking of his compatriots like Flamini who are sitting on benches. Has it ever occured to you stupid imbiciles who are very unrealistic and so afraid of change that before Arsene was Arsenal and after him and all of you will still be Arsenal F.C?? Cuz seriously even if he left today our club would still be here. You think when Arshavin said he came because of Wenger he meant that? You are such kids even Marouane Fellaini said he loved Everton with all his heart and strength when he joined Everton…grow up and have some balls. Its commonly known that Human fear change same implies to most Arsenal fans here i will tell you what in Arsene i trust 40% that is when he has a full squad that’s not injured but so many times Arsene has been proved to be lacking in technical ability that most times we have been asked why we afford to lose against lowly teams and seem to only play for big games, his adaptability to react to lowly teams tactics and to break down small teams have been questioned…this was so visible when Mourinho was still at Chelsea, At one time Arsenal couldn’t handle teams that came with the long ball tacticand you fools are here blasting and insulting TheGoonerforum that he is an imbicile?? I will tell you who imbiciles are is you the unrealistic sleeping fools. You mention teams that are a laughing stock ..and you dare mention teams like Real Madrid…are you stupid? Do you know Real Madrid’s history? They sack coaches cuz apparently they have a legacy to protect ..they can’t be languishing in lowly table positions cuz only the top is where they see themselves to be and destined to be, Chelsea the team you call a laughing stock in the past four seasons has reached a Champions league final won two Epl titles and Curling cups can i ask what did you Arsenal FC win during that period…you are like monkeys who laugh at a burning forest not knowing that sooner or later the fire is gonna catch up with you and you will have no home to stay. It’s as if Wenger is married to Arsenal Goonerforum is so right….whereas most fools couldn’t pick the sense in the things he wrote and were busy looking out for wrong speelings i’d ask them to reread it and try to pick something unless they are really slow. Look at a team like Barcelona they sacked Rijkard a man who had won them the Champions league and brought in a less knwon coach and shook off the excess gabbbage in the likes of Deco and Ronaldinho and what are the results??? They seem to be crashing everything in their way, But how do you expect to crash everything in your way when you have people like Song, Ademissabayor, Diaby, Eboue, Denilson in your team?? Huh ..Fabregas was ht last season cuz of one man..Flamini but the cunt Wenger sold him off and who did he bring in? Actually no one except slotting in the kid Denilson and tried bullcrapping us to have faith in him and what end result have we got? a season where we might not feature in the Champions league. For some fool who said that we are spoilt kids cuz we are Calling for Arsene’s neck trying to defend himself that even AC Milan are in the Uefa cup…may i remind you that if you don’t make it into the Champions league, even the little players you have that you adore so much like Fabregas will start questioning the ambition of this club and what will the end result be? They will leave afterall Barcelona said they consider Arsenal a selling club…why do you think that is so? Which other team big team in Europe considers themselves a selling club apart from Arsenal??Times have changed and you can’t say we keep up with this slack Wenger is throwing us. This is not 1970 this is 2009 the sooner some fools realise that the better can’t base an argument on the fact that in 1970 Arsenal was no where ..wel now it is somewhere and i believe it’s time to do something to try and keep that legacy going. Things have changed and clubs are being bought ..people who buy these clubs want to see them top leagues and if Arsenal and the board keep running off with the spoils and not giving us the fans any kind of joy then sooner they will be with half empty stadiums and the so amazing emirates stadium will start making them loses. My brother Manniq in Kenya said it well the reason Arsenal can’t go on without Arsene is here in his words which are true i quote the gooner who is one of the few talking sense here plus definetly my fellow gooner…. Goonerforum and a few others like pass master and a few others..

    “As a matter of fact Arsenal can’t survive without Wenger unless club be sold to another institution not this greedy f**ckin board who like profits than trophies. Have u p’ple realized one thing about Arsenal?? They like cheap labour tht’s why they weren’t able to maintain P.Viera,Kanu, Wiltord,Edu & eventually Flamini or less still Hleb. These players proved to be top world class & top players need to be paid money not peanuts that’s why Wenger sacrificed them & replace them with villagers like Eboue & Ademissabayor “cheap Africans” and before you label me racist, there are expensive Africans like Eto who know where the goal posts are, who can accept any price just to play for a top class team like Arsenal. And when they have a one off season will start holding the same club that gave them a ticket to their stardom ransom.”

    Apparently an Everton supporter told me the same exact thing. That we can’t be a top team or attract top players if we are to keep paying top class players peanuts and expect to be in the top four or win titles. That’s why the likes of Hleb and Flamini and that’s why last season we were nearly winning the title and having sold off the two players who helped us in achieving that when they were sold off with no replacements we are now languishing in 5h place. I rest my case now lemme read any unrealistic cunt telling me to piss of to Mancs ..

  54. Adeboyneely …much as your argument holds some sense i’d like to pour some water on yo face such that you wake up from this deep slumber you are in…Has it ever occured to you that people in football or the pundits only remember the titles won not the profit that was made during those years. I believe you are as good as the teams you compare yourself with. If you start comparign yoself to the likes of Tottenham then that means maybe you set your goals as high as that team. That’s the very reason the Likes of Ac Milan and Real Madrid are considered great teams and you hear any footballer yap how it was his dream to play at Madrid and when they sign they yap how Madrid is the greatest team in the world. Adeboy?? The sooner Arsenal wins a Champions League title the better and the sooner you start winning major trophies the more serious players will take you and the more seriously taken will Arsenal be History right now is against Arsenal F.C was even that night we reached the Champions League final. No one wants to know how much profits we made that night ..i believe even you Adeboy if you were not 5 years old that time must have been wanting that cup above anything else…right?? Is that a yes i hear? What’s more valuable to you?? The profits which by the way are all taken by the Board and the people handling the club or titles? What do you prefer in the following 10 seasons to see Arsenal probably win the CHampions League and like 7 Premier League titles or no titles, finish fourth for 7 seasons in a row and the otehr 3 finish 5 or 6th while you are making loads of profit???

  55. ian says:

    you seem to be of the view that sacking managers means you are a big club. Wigan, Portsmouth, Newcastle, Sunderland, Charlton, Sothampton and Spurs change managers virtually every season. Does that mean they are bigger than us? And you conveniently forget Manchester United – hardly a small club.
    The fact is Real Madrid aren’t exactly setting the world alight with their short-term approach, and Chelsea are only where they are because of Roman’s money, not the amateurish way they are run. Today they are claiming a £66m loss is proof of how well the club is run. Without Roman’s money they would be nothing.
    Arsenal is a well-run club with an excellent manager. I’m sure you aren’t a plastic fan, but I think Wenger deserves more appreciation of what he has achieved for the club. We now like to think of ourselves a big club like Madrid and Barca, but that’s only because of the vision of Arsene.

  56. Thanx Ian for your comment. I too would like to get disillusioned that Arsenal is a Big Club but truth be told we don’t run the show like a big club. When you have a supposedly big club playing with kids who lack character and a leader its clear your team can as well be as big as those teams you mentioned above. Players like Eboue and Song and Diaby clearly aren’t what should be in Arsenal’s starting line up. As am about to get disillusioned that we are a big cub and try to compare ourselves to big clubs like Manchester United it dawns on me that our club is the only one in the Top four that seems to have a set of only 11 good players and the rest mediocres which means that if 5 members of the first team get injured, then Arsenal’s season could as well be over which has been evidenced since time memorial and apparently whereas in other teams players are somehow silenced and feel comfortable sitting on benches the whole season an example being Hleb at Barca or Flam at Ac whereas they were so eager to get outta Arsenal’s starting line up and Arsene can’t seem to sit players on the bench contentedly. I would like to afford the luxury of dreaming Arsenal is a big team but then am hit with a big plank on my head en am reminded that Arsenal is the only Big club that wants to pay World class players peanuts not realizing that these players aren’t fans they are just mercenaries ready to jump ship to the next employer that pays them more money, I would like to get disillusioned and think Arsenal is a big club but it then dawns on me that having been tagged a big club, We have never won the Champions League the main reason as to why even if we play all the fantastic football in the whole world we will never considered a serious team when it comes to the UEFA Champions League i mean history is always against us in this competition i would like to have the chance of considering ourselves a big club but then i remember that we are considered a selling club by the likes of Braca which is not a lie cuz we keep selling our best players to this team….Remember Overmars? Thiery and recently Hleb and much as i’d like to console myself that he never scored that too many, he really was a good player and we miss his qualities this season. Its for you to judge Ian but as for me i hardly consider Arsenal a big club we are trying and the rest is just media Hype you do know the English Media have an oscar for hype right? We are a good club but haven’t made it to the Big Club section…

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