F.A. cup draw and our hopes on silverware

English FA Cup quarter-final draw


Feb 15 (Reuters) – English FA Cup quarter-final draw (II denotes Championship (second division) sides).

Blackburn Rovers or Coventry City (II) v Chelsea Swansea City (II) or Fulham v Manchester United

Cardiff City (II) / Arsenal or Burnley (II) v Sheffield United (II) or Hull City

Everton v West Ham United or Middlesbrough * matches to be played on March 7/8

Now being realistic on our overall season and performances, it’s clear that the F.A. Cup is our closest hope on taking silverware this season, with the signing of Andrei Arshavin and most of our injured players such as Cesc Fabregas, Theo Walcott and Eduardo (who was benched against Tottenham) coming back we stand a solid chance of taking the cup this season.

I hate to break it to everyone but there is no chance we will compete in the league now, we will be battling out for fourth position and focus on qualifying for next seasons Champions League and to think we stand a chance in the years CL would be expecting to much with the current form of the squad, although i do look on the players to do well if they change and set there minds to it, but looking at the team this minute our game has become complete shambles.

Looking at todays draw we have the chance to make the semi’s fairly easy having Cardiff and Burnley at home (which we should win) and then playing Sheffield United in the Quarter final.

So our next three games (Meaning if we qualify)

Cardiff (home)

Burnley (home)

Sheffield United or Hull City (home)

Now looking at those fixtures we can have high hope to go on and battle out all the way through the cup, by then we should have all our players back including the likes of Tomas Rosicky as he’s said to now be back in training and return in 6 weeks. Arsene Wenger will have to take this seriously and snap out of his dream world if he wants to see us acheive something this year.

Come on Arsene, Sort it ous and make us happy! Join us at the forum over at: Goonerforum

14 Responses to F.A. cup draw and our hopes on silverware

  1. Mark says:

    Lets just beat Cardiff 1st.
    Then we can think about winning the Cup.

  2. Bright says:

    Win Cardiff first…and other things will follow.

  3. Gooner Chris says:

    Instead of ‘nit-picking’ every minor detail of the article, perhaps you could praise the writer for thinking of a decent piece which would create debate.

  4. swarlos says:

    seriously dude, it is Tomas Rosicky, show some respect, please:)

  5. ldngooner says:

    haha sorry guys, my bad 😐 i just corrected it – and thanks Chris, I would prefer to focus on the discussion rather then the spelling corrections!

  6. omar says:

    on paper they look like 3 matches we should win but lets not get carried away yet coz tomorrows match is not gonna be easy. it would be good to win the fa cup this season but ide much rather we finish in the top 4 in the league than win the cup. if we can do both then great but its sill a very long way to go

  7. Rogo d gooner says:

    Looking at the fixture we probably have a 70% chance of getting to the finals but lets just start from cardiff and other results will come

  8. harryo says:

    beat the credit crunch . get ur lot on utd to distroy inter. watched the milan derby tonite and they are complete shite.. money for nothing

  9. Gooner Chris says:

    Swarlos, show some respect for the blog!

    The only reason you read blogs is to probably find the grammatical mistakes within the articles.

    My advice: start your own blog. 🙂

  10. mason says:

    Ok this has gone far enough….”England suffer because there are too many foreigners at the top of our league” is just not true. The top four from last season had 35 English players in their squads, compared to 37 Spanish players from the top four in Spain. And looking at those that played regularly (i.e multiple league or champions league appearances) it is 20 English players and 22 Spanish. Hardly a huge gulf.

    The difference is that our top four contained 7 Spaniards, theirs…no English men. Our players get the same level of opportunity that players from other nations do in their own division, it is just that very few take the opportunities / are given the opportunity to play at the top of OTHER leagues. Is it possible that English players are not wanted abroad? Yeah possibly, but I do not believe that Young, Agbonlahor, Jagielka, Michael Johnson, Upson etc could not get into any of the sides below. The French team is probably even more broadly spread around Europe’s top leagues.

    I think it is a combination of a) the comparative riches / celebrity afforded players in this country and b) a national characteristic (that I am very guilty of too) of not wanting to live in a country where English is not prevalent. Even the few that do venture abroad quickly return to English speaking lands (Woodgate, Owen, Beckham even back to Lineker, Keegan, Hughes [I know he is Welsh] and Luther Blissett). Until our players start testing themselves in other leagues all the “grass roots” upheavals in the world will not give us the depth of talent we need to take on the best in the world.

  11. Gunner Dude says:

    Gooner Chris
    Did i correct his grammar NO!!, I will do the same again if a player’s name is spelt wrongly because an Arsenal fan from another country might read this and spread the word that Thomas instead of Tomas Rosicky is back from injury.

  12. iveseenthings says:

    Yes, I have a good feeling in me waters about the FA Cup this year. Final vs Manure, mazy run by Arshavin to score winner in injury time, followed by him swinging shirt overhead and displaying significantly less body hair than Giggs. C’mon Arsenal!

  13. marthafines says:

    Merry Christmas to all… and to all a good night.

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