[Summer Move] Yaya Toure to Arsenal


According to News of the world, it is noticed that younger brother of the current Arsenal defender Kolo Toure will be making his way to Emirates in the summer. Yaya Toure, 25 could be set to leave the Spanish giants.

Now we all know this has been talked about previously and it didn’t seem like it would happen with personal statements being said that he had no intention of leaving the club.

My god this would be a great asset to the team and would put some great quality to our mid-field. Arsene Wenger has already stated this could be the one buy that solves our problem in the long run as well as bringing delight to the two great brothers.

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17 Responses to [Summer Move] Yaya Toure to Arsenal

  1. aladin says:

    dont know about him, seems like he takes too long on the ball at times and the english league is so fast, dont think he will suit our style to be honest, that player for brasil melo looked quite good though against italy. apparently we was linked with him in the summer and i would much rather have a player of melo’s qualities and his price tag playin for arsenal

  2. RomfordPele says:

    Just keep repeating this rubbish. When has Arsene ever said that buying Yaya was the answer? I would love to see that quote. By the way I wouldnt be at all surprised if Kolo left the club in the summer and gets his move to Man City. So much for the 2 brothers playing in the same team.

  3. alex says:

    this story is a lie, there were many rumors linking the younger brother of Kolo in the winter and that was denied by all parties at all time. Why would this story be any different?

  4. TH says:

    If it’s true it would be a steal at 12 million if the reports are true…but I’m not a big fan of Yaya though. He is a good player and betetr than Denilson and Song, but if we would decide to go and buy a DM in the summer Yaya would not be at the top of ma list.

  5. JL says:

    BULLSHIT! Why would you bother reprinting a NOTW rag articel!?

  6. MO Muqtar says:

    This is a rerun story and recently the player and his agent stated that Toure is happy
    at Barca. I have a strong faith in the development of Song and Denilson and I don’t see the urgency
    of acquiring a DM with a hefty price and salary. Song and Denilson will develop to a well class DMs.

    Patience they will come throught sooner than later.

  7. Luxgunner says:

    This is absolute crap. Yaya Toure said he’d love to end his career at Barcelona. Loss of cedibility.

  8. Rogo d gooner says:


  9. Al says:

    This makes perfect sense. Leave what is currently the best team in the world where you are start every game, every game you deliver the ball to the best midfielder at the moment [xavi], watch him service the best footballer in the planet who will in turn put this team into history, win the league for many seasons to come, surely many cups and champion leagues too…… only to come to Arsenal to play with your big brother yapping about just behind you, underpaid, win nothing because you are just meant to be an example for the teenagers the coach has “discovered” and be shown the door on your 30th birthday under his “youth” policy [unless you’re French]. Who wants to live in Barcelona anyway, boring place…. I’m a Gooner but I’m also a realist, stop wanking-up this crap.

  10. Surrey Gunner says:

    he has turned us down four times.
    He is not coming, he will not be coming
    Why this story

  11. nut says:

    Song and Denilson well class, ha ha classic!!!!!!!!!!! I hpoe you did’nt mean world class.

  12. RobM says:

    You _do_ realise that ‘according to the news of the world’ is the same, if not worse than ‘according to the graffiti on the toilet door in my local shopping mall’

  13. barnaby says:

    Lads i’m sorry to say but not so sure about song or yaya for us, they’re good but both have some obvious weaknesses, just not convinced.

  14. Jem says:

    The price sounds a little short of what Barcelona would want. Also his brother is probably not giving YaYa 100% good news regarding Arsenal at the moment. I can’t see it.

  15. Fabregas' Dad says:

    Not gonna happen, simple as that.

    I doubt you’ve seen him play either so to state he’d be a great asset to the team is absurd.

    Oh and Kolo’s been a great servant to the club but he’s been awful for over a year now.

  16. ldngooner says:

    Of course i’ve seen him play, and comparing him to what we’ve seen so far of our midfield this season how could he not be a great asset?

  17. harvey says:

    this story is true that arsen wenger is putting in a offer for him this summer and kolo mite be going but i dont think he will if his brother comes i dont reckon toure will leave man city are crap just cause they have good players dont mean they can suddenly get to the top they have to have a good manger and theres is rubbish lets hope he comes to arsenal

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