[Match Report] Eduardo Return, Opinion & Ratings.

(Picture taken of my phone at the game just before kickoff)

Well, sorry for a late post. I got last minute tickets to the match against Cardiff tonight, and oh my what a performance we pulled off. I was so happy to have went to this game, the crowd was quite lively for once and it had a brilliant atmosphere.

For once this year we played as a team and i must say performances for all players were of good standard. Eduardo was welcomed on to the pitch with a huge cheer, it felt great to have him back and with the 2 goals he scored we can see he has still got that class when finishing, i was praying he would score to boost his confidence.

Here are our forum selected player ratings from Shaun (I did not type this personally)

Fabianski 7 – Didn’t hardly have anything to do, but what he did do, he did right.

Sagna 8.5 – Great game. Didn’t let their winger have a sniff of the ball.
Gallas 7 – Decent game, didn’t have much to do.
Toure 7.5 – Looks like he’s on form. Won a lot in the air.
Gibbs 8.5 – Just like Sagna, fantastic today. Defended well and got forward plenty of times.

Nasri 8 – Another good game. Very creative and helped the defence on occasions.
Song 6 – Below par. Did OK in some places, but passing was off.
Denilson 6.5 – Didn’t do anything wrong, just didn’t stand out enough for me.
Vela 8.5 – Fantastic game from him. Excellent with the ball at his feet.

Bendtner 8.5 – For me he was terrific today. Great link-up play and a well-taken goal.
Eduardo 9 – MOTM – Superb. Took both goals well, fantastic generally on the ball. Glad he’s back.


Van Persie 8 – Was brilliant from the moment he came on. Good finish.
Bischoff 7.5 – Impressed with him. Good passing and played a key part in the final goal.
Ramsey 6 – Did he even come on?

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Doesn’t it go to show that we can play when we’re at our form, notice how the effect of Adebayor and Eboue not being on the pitch effected the play. Now to think that we could have Rosicky, Fabregas & Walcott back along with Arshavin creating results and performances like this just makes me feel that slightest bit better for our hopes this season.

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7 Responses to [Match Report] Eduardo Return, Opinion & Ratings.

  1. Daryl Tay says:

    I think this was the best Arsenal match I’ve watched in awhile (definitely in 2009). Eduardo was brilliant and frankly so was Vela. Denilson and Song still seem to be a waste of space but I can’t wait for Fabregas to come back.

  2. mason says:

    forget adebayor he is on the outer and should be on the transfer list if he doesnt wake up. eduardo and van persie upfront all the way!!!! im backing eduardo to net 100 goals for arsenal.

  3. steveyj says:

    Great result last night, the lads played well. I know it was only Cardiff but they are no mugs and I had a bad feeling about this game. But the lads played with heart and flair you can ask for more than that. I just hope they keep it up. Hopefully AW will select a similar team for Saturday (no Eboue!)With the addition RVP, Clichy and possibly Arshavin we should have a strong team as long as the attitude is right. Did I mention No Eboue!!! I like the look of Gibbs at left back reminds me of a young A Cole. I hope AW does not put him on load next season and brings Traore back (he can’t defend e.g. 5-1, 4-0) If AW does then it adds more fuel to the fire that he has something against English players. I would like to see Gibbs and Clichy fighting it out for left back next season. Also great to se Eduardo back and scoring a couple of goals. And Why Can’t Bendtner play like that more often he played well last night and work hard I prefer him to Ade any day but then that’s not saying much!

  4. ravi says:

    I will start by saying To God is the glory. The team performance was quite good however, the day belonged to Eduardo not because he scored two goals but because he came back after such horrific injury and scored two goals. Next praise goes to the forward line and the defense that kept Cardiff at bay. Then the individual performances from Bendtner and Vela are worth a mention. Bendtner’s composure is on the rise and his team play is fantastic though he is still far away from the finished article. Vela is a boy after my heart infact, his exceptionality is in his ability to take on defenders and push through a goal – something we have missed since TH14 left. Then there is another exceptional talent in Nasri, and I warn you, expect many more joyous moments from this lad – who needs a Hleb anyway? Denilson is improved and worthy of a place in the team even, as he has to do more work on his shooting. Song is slow and was the only low in the night even as he has great footballing sense but his ability to make wrong passes is something Wenger has to really work on. I must say Gallas was good and thank God he did not sustain a serious injury from the fall however, he is fond of passing to our keeper and in some instances putting him under more pressure than was necessary. He has to cut that out as I remember having my heart in my mouth when he did it with Lehmann in goal! Gibbs is promising and I can now see why Traore is on loan. Remember this lad can play in the mid field and attack as well. Toure and Sagna performed quite well. In fact, this team is coming back to what I used to know and very soon Wenger shall definitely have selection problems! The only way for this club to move is north of excellence and I can see silverware in the horizon

  5. bbizbor says:

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  6. ravi says:

    The return of Eduardo and the arrival of Arshavin have really uplifted spirits at Arsenal. And in perfect time too.

    To see Eduardo even play again is a joy to behold. The effect it could have on the club could be massive.

    Arshavin signing for the club, combined with Eduardo’s comeback, couldn’t have arrived at a better time. We Gooners needed a lift, we got it with these two.

    Add Rosicky coming back to the fold, Cesc and Theo returning from injury, there are exciting times ahead.

    A top three finish is very achievable. As is winning the Champions League or FA Cup. I really believe it.

    A couple of posts ago I wrote that someone was going to get a hiding soon and it could ignite our season. We gave Cardiff a hiding and I honestly believe we will begin to start smashing teams now and go on a long winning streak.

    I’m starting to look at the rest of the campaign with a real feel good factor. I’m feeling positive that we can achieve something this season.

  7. cital says:

    Vela and Edu on the same pitch change the team.

    I understand that Bendtner can be frustrating, but he’s scored some good goals and I really like his movement the last few games. He’s coming back for the ball and sprinting into space at speed, and he doesn’t mind laying off to someone else. He can create and he can head in the ball. Sure he’s missed some sitters, but he’s young and think of what he’ll do in the future when he catches his snap.

    With Bendtner, Ade, Gallas and now Edu, we’ve got a whole new option for breaking teams down. With Vela and Arshavin, and soon Walcott, we can break teams down the wings and put those balls in the box for those guys to score.

    Song or Denilson are both young and not dominating midfielders. While Song seems lumbering at times I think that’s more a result of his stride than his actual workrate. He’s getting better and better. He sprays a few errant passes still, but I think he’ll get that under control soon. As for Denilson, he’s got an engine and I think he’s a fine option. He’s also had leadership responsibilities at lower levels, so I expect big things.

    We’re not even talking about Cesc or Rosicky coming back yet. Or what this team is going to look like next year. Yes, it was only Cardiff. But the team just play a whole different game with speed.

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