Do we stand a chance against Roma?

Well first things first, After seeing the Arsenal vs Cardiff F.A. Cup replay it instantly seemed a change had come and that the inspiration for glory and hunger to win had stepped up a level. Well that lasted a total of a whole 5 days for the fans. We went another goaless draw in the league to fall even more points behind the CL spot we can only hope to achieve this season.

Now looking at what we had against Cardiff and what we created there was of different class to what was shown this week against Sunderland. Is it not obvious for Boss Wenger to sit on the sidelines and notice what makes all the difference in a game. I rate him for not starting Eboue this week and giving Arshavin a chance to make his debut which he did in good style by almost giving himself the best start a player could ask for joining any new club but realistically it goes to show we need players on Eduardo’s level who can finish, Bendtner is clearly not good enough as a starting player, and yes we can argue we have injuries but when you look at cover players that Man UTD have it makes our replacements look bad.

Arshavin almost put our other players to shame and he had only played a full 60 minutes for the club and coming close to scoring two great goals to his start. In time when he gets fully fit i believe he will be a key player to the team with his accurate shooting and quick feet.

Back to where the post title comes in, the past couple of days on the forum and other sites people have already started saying we stand no chance against Roma this Tuesday. I can feel there pain where we see the likes of Song, Denilson and Eboue as our “main” men in mid-field. Yes we have several players out injured but this is no excuse as to not having good covers. What hope do we have to face Roma and score when were struggling against teams like Sunderland in the league. They’ve just not been that creative in the midfield to help us go create chances and get those goals we need to succeed. Song is constantly slowing down the play in midfield losing the ball before he even gets a chance to pass, Denilson needs to work on his passing and get involved more, and as for Eboue he needs to focus more on what he will do with the ball after he has made that brilliant run past 2 or 3 players, he makes the run nicely but is clueless as to what to do with it afterwards.

So come Roma this week what kind of result will we be looking at home? If we can’t win at home then god help us away. I just hope Wenger will soon wake up and give other players a chance to get in the team. I would rather see Vela & Ramsey start in mid-field.

Good luck to the boys tommorow evening and i hope we pull out a good performance to prove us what they can do, i still have pride for my beloved team.

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6 Responses to Do we stand a chance against Roma?

  1. First i think peeps are getting a bit lost on the new look of the site but i gotta say it looks much better en nice…only that it doesn’t suit tha lazy bones… 🙂 I gotta say am praying for one helluva miracle for us to get past Roma cuz those guyz are pretty on form in their own league…alll we gat on our side maybe is our record against them en these things have a sorta way how they come back to haunt teams. ….Come on Arsenal!!

  2. wrighty says:

    Whats becoming painfully obvious to me is that every man and his dog wants Arsenal to fail. And fail miserably too. I understand that it’s frustrating to be a Gooner at the moment (expensive too!) but we really need to pull together and prove everyone out there wrong. Excuse my lingo but Screw ‘EM! The team need us more than ever and the booing (that I can understand) probably doesn’t help them. According to Stan Collymore we are living in dreamland if we think we are going to finish in the top four. SCREW HIM TOO! Lets prove Muppet’s like him wrong. These “experts” and others are predicting our demise and they can’t wait to say I told you so. I’m fired up, and I’m sure every Gooner is, for the rest of the season. We can still achieve something this campaign despite the seemingly negative position we find ourselves in. We CAN catch the top four, we CAN win the Champions League and we CAN win the FA Cup despite the situation we find ourselves in. There is so much at stake still this season. It could still be a big one. We need an “us against the world” attitude and maybe if we Gooners show this then the players will adopt the same attitude too.

  3. ian tanner says:

    since that scintillating and thoroughly deserved win against the Mancs three-and-a-half months ago, Arsenal have scored just four goals in seven home Premier League matches. The other causes for concern are less widely publicised and appreciated. We have recently lost key backroom personnel: team doctor, head physio and now our multi award-winning head groundsman, Paul Burgess. Are we to be a feeder employer for national organisations and bigger football clubs (as distinct from bigger football teams)?

    I’ve long argued that Arsenal are not and never will be a “big club” in the way that applies to ManYoo and Liverpool. Another illustration occurred at Old Trafford on Saturday evening. Ronaldo should have been cautioned for his Eboue-like kick but referees are seldom strong enough to give these when they see them; the pressure on them is intense. As Big Fat Sam summarised: “… it’s difficult to ref here …” when opining about the latest, blatant non-penalty for a Premiership away team at The Swamp. This was a game United could easily have lost and ended with 10 men, but they and their arrogance rolls on. As I’ve said many times before, there’s absolutely nothing that Arsene or Arsenal can do to change this, and attempts in the immediate future at league domination by our boys will therefore be massively handicapped.

    Half Full: four consecutive clean sheets, three goals conceded in the last 10 games in all competitions, and 16 unbeaten since Citeh away, if one not unreasonably ignores two 2-0 away reverses – at Porto and Burnley – by our second string. But whereas Blackburn had a reported 24 (!) attempts at goal – 16 on target and hitting the post – opponents at E******s have shown very little ambition recently, which I regard as a very encouraging trend. Bolton were totally devoid of ambition, West Ham were little better and, after a bright first few exchanges, promotion-chasing Cardiff mounted an exercise in damage limitation. Sunderland passed the ball extremely well at times, but as the match wore on their impressive striker, Kenwyne Jones, became increasingly isolated. Almunia had just to maintain concentration in the second half, so redundant was he. In the first he had only to deal with two speculative shots from distance.

    Adebayor, Eduardo, Theo, Cesc, Diaby and Rosicky are all close to returns. These players will add to our potency, either directly and / or indirectly. And then there’s Arshavin, but only when he’s adjusted fully to the English game (despite Saturday’s highly encouraging first half display from him, please don’t expect too much too soon). It may come too late to rescue a CL spot for next season – our best route may be to win the thing! – but the future is a lot brighter than many think. I can understand the boos of frustration at full time, which I think was largely down to the lack of second half chances than to a third consecutive Premier League stalemate. Whilst our team gets older and more mature, the ManU manager will also get older, though not more mature. One day quite soon Old Red Nose will retire, and Old Trafford will be a less intimidating place to officiate. We may soon have a more level playing field; and silverware will follow.

    Keep the faith.

  4. jetha seth says:

    Ok its pancake today is this a sign that we can put roma in a frying pan and flatten them? Can we turn up the heat at the emirates and change them to aroma? Ha ha seriously upset I cant make this match have to bloody work! I hope for the sake of Arsene wenger not having egg on his face we get a result because if he doesnt well the Sun will have a field day lol. Then again last year the chavs got done by Fernabache and they ended up in the final so just saying nothing is done after the first leg either way. Diaby coming back is good as our injury list along with ineligible players robs us of quite a bit of depth. As much as he has been terrible all year long these are the kind of games that Adebayor usually sparkles in however, if Bendtner gets the nod he should be just as effective as long as he remains a target in the box no need for him to drop short as he only ends up giving the ball away. I have heard he has been looking better to be honest I havent seen all that much change but hey im just a harsh critic. For the love of God please do not start Eboue! Its time to show that famed belief and quality wenger always goes on about!

  5. Gooner says:

    Thanks for the feedback on the design 🙂 it was one big change.

  6. Richard Zoinks says:

    1 step closer ..

    another clean sheet , well done !!

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