Match Talk: Arsenal vs Roma

So it goes to show my last post may have been a little mis-fired as to what would happen, the result was good but i still think something was missing. Again we went out there and showed some good play as to creating chances, but it just seems we lack the last finishing touch. I ask myself where are we going wrong at this current stage at Arsenal?

In tonights game we took out a half decent team. Diaby returned from recent spell of injury, i think he played well and showed us how he could shoot at goal when having the chance, something the players fail to do these days when we play, we tend to play accross the center of the box to get it on the wings for a cross in the box which half the time is broken down due to the weak quality of passing from some of the team.

Last night we had plenty of chances against the Italians but we just couldn’t get it in the back of the net, so what does this mean? Are our cover strikers not good enough? Or is it simply the mid-field causing the problem? We can sit here and argue all day but i will tell you now the problem consists of players just not being able to shoot a ball on target.

Eboue who i believe played pretty well failed to net pretty much an open goal in most strikers eyes, and as for Bendtner, the boys first touch everytime is just too heavy, he also missed a easy chance to get us 2-0 ahead.

Now when we look back on the match, although we had numerous amounts of  chances, hadn’t we gotten that penalty would we have scored? I don’t think some people realise that although we come through with a victory, with this team we still aint breaking that point anymore were we bury everything in return to dominating the opposition.

We can also argue that injuries may be effecting our season but realistically speaking that all comes to planning, and on the managers behalf i think his failed to suceed in that area. You can’t assume your not going to have injuries and that they will be there all season, you have to buy cover players who have experience or can handle themselves. Throwing out Denilson, Song, Eboue and Bendtner week in week out isn’t getting us knowhere and it’s becoming very fustrating that the manager doesn’t see this.

I would like to congratulate the boys on there win – well done, lets hope we progress. Join the forum at: Goonerforum

5 Responses to Match Talk: Arsenal vs Roma

  1. insane says:

    don’t worry, this generation is golder, we’ll win everything in 2-3 years.

  2. Richard Zoinks says:

    So we go Play Roma…
    And as long as we dont loose … we go through….

    And by the time the next Champions league fixtures rolls around , we should have cesc , adeboyer, maybe Walcott , Rosicky might be up to scratch…

    I think the boys , Denilson , Bendtner , song have done a great job as cover so far.. they are only 21 and are bound to make mistakes….

    So overall, we are sitting in 5th on the log , 6 points short of Villa , who have some tough fixtures ahead of them. we are in the Fa cup and are winning our matches in the champions league, and in the next month we should get a few star players back from injury.. I think this is awsome … This is why i support the Gunners, we have spirit and fight. We are looking good concidering the circumstances we have had to face.

    Bring it on !!!

  3. nigelp says:

    Denilson, Diaby, Nasri and Eboue all played well. Eboue’s performance in the final third, passing and finishing, was hugely disappointing as usual. Bendtner’s was too. He definitely had a nightmare overall. VanPersie did well to win a penalty but wasn’t able to make something happen like he did all through January. The defence did well. One can see that the fullbacks are going forward less often, and that’s playing a part in being solid defensively as well as create more space during our attacks because the opposition has to deal with lesser players, and therefore they don’t need to get all 11 behind the ball. But we’re still too slow going forward. The movement just isn’t as intelligent and threatening as ManUtd’s. They rarely misplace a pass. The speed, precision, and placement of the pass is so unbelievably accurate that it’s scary to watch. We don’t scare teams like that. We wait too long to make a move, and by that time the opposition has too many men already in position in defence. The performance today was one of the best performances of our season in terms of creating chances, but because we’re not finishing well, I’d say it compares poorly with the Invincibles. For this team, it might have been one of the best performances, but for the Invincibles, this would’ve been an average performance. That tells you how our level has dropped, and it’s sad.

    We’re still in a decent position. We only need to score one goal, which has been quite a challenge for us lately, specially from open play, as we’ve still not scored in 3 previous premier league games and one champions league game (overall 3 home games and 1 away game). But because Roma should try to go forward more often in the second leg, hopefully that means more space opening up for us to utilize. And if we have Eduardo and Walcott back, it does seem that we’d be better off than we are now with Bendtner and Eboue, but I’m not sure how match-fit Walcott will be. Eduardo though will definitely be a boost in terms of finishing ability.

    Eboue does look like a changed person. Wenger said he’d spoken to him and that he’d changed. Let’s see how long he can go without resorting to his usual self. Good to see an improvement, but imagine if we had more clinical players in place of Eboue and Bendtner. We’d be so much better off and under much less pressure to perform every time, because we’d probably be finishing off better and converting more chances to goals.

  4. brian says:

    I honestly dont understand why we are all quick to enjoy the confort zone of a 1-0 win and this is not about the injuries that we have but about the failure to anticipate them in advance because other teams also face the same yet they are winning and we are not.Honestly,why cant we buy?Is it that we dont have cash or because as is the case,Arsene Wenger is not ok with it.If he is not ok with it,does it mean that his interest surpass those of the team and the fans?I have read some comments where fans are saying that the youngstars will be stars in future-do you really think they will stay if we keep on loosing and big teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid keep on stealing our talent?Am at a loss but the truth be told,bigger teams in the past have collapsed just like this-the likes of blackburn.Lets change the players or change the coach.

  5. Richard Zoinks says:

    Baptista — what a joke. why was he even with us?

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