[Video] Every Arshavin Goal

Lets hope he gets fit real soon and gets back to his ways at Arsenal, we can already see his gonna be an outstanding player for us with glimpses of the Bergkamp mentality and thinking.

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One Response to [Video] Every Arshavin Goal

  1. SuperBobbyPires says:

    A couple of questions to those who believe Wenger is on borrowed time. Setting aside what might or might not happen with players leaving etc. as supporters what is most important: finishing in the top 4 with no silverware, finishing 5th and winning the FA Cup, or 5th and the Champs League. Also what would the team need to achieve in order for you to think there was a future with Wenger, or is there nothing he can do? For me I’d settle for top 4 provided the team performed well over the next 10 games. I also think we will win a trophy as the freshness of our returning players will give us an edge. In terms of Wenger, I want to see what he does when he has most of his players at his disposal. I think he wants a team like Spain and believes that will be the future.

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