[VIDEO] One-on-one with Andrey Arshavin

After his first impact performance and victory with his new club against West Bromwich Albion, Arsenal’s January recruit Andrey Arshavin was recently caught up on BBC’s Football Focus and answered every other question under the sun.

11 Responses to [VIDEO] One-on-one with Andrey Arshavin

  1. Jury says:

    He’s a legend already!

    Where the fuck did he hear about the yellow pages?!!!

    His understanding of english is great already aswell!! Kick on Arsh!!

  2. SuperBobbyPires says:

    Let us all forget whats happened soo far this season and concentrate on the good times ahead.We have a great chance now to the end the season strongly,starting with Roma on Wednesday,and I very much doubt that any team will want to face us now for the rest of the season.Bring on the best I say…..Let us show them what our beloved Arsenal are made of.Dispose of Hull….Do the Chavs again and End Manures hopes of winning everything.We have it all to gain because we not expected to beat these teams or win anything.The season starts here for us,so lets do away with all the doom and gloom.Gooners all the way!!!

  3. Gapuchi says:

    Has Adebayor done anything this season to endear himself to Arsenal fans? He moaned all summer and flirted with leaving for wherever was offering the biggest pay packet, acted like a total prima donna in thinking he was worthy of a similar salary to that of the greatest player in Arsenal history Thierry Henry, and from the beginning of the season has sluggishly ran about the pitch with not even half the committment he showed last year. He aso comes out with ridiculous statements how the team should be winning every game from now onwards to bring Glory to the club and win the CL. Well Ade has to start pulling his (considerable) head out of his a$$ and contribute. It’s one thing to talk the talk, quite another to walk the walk. Now he’s coming out saying AC and Barca wanted him. Who cares about that in March? Really? Who? Is he threatened that Eduardo is back after 9 months and has 3 goals in 2 games? Bendtner is firing goals in too along with impressive performances by Vela and Arshavin too in the support striker role. Could Mr Ego be afraid of not getting his place back? If so good, then maybe he’ll start putting the effort in.

  4. Gooner says:

    That’s the spirit bobby! I’m with you on that, i think we have hope on silverware this season and it’s looking better for us, i’ll give it one more season before i worry.

  5. Gooner says:

    Bobby, you should also join the forum if your not a member, see you reply alot on here:

    http://goonerforum.com – more then welcome.

  6. sasha says:

    Chelsea lack width and have a lot of old heads in the squad, Liverpool have problems with full-backs have only one good striker, Villa have a squad which consists of 15 people while Arsenal are covered in every position with quality players and we have the right balance of youth/experience. Almunia has stepped up and is one of the best keepers in the league, two experienced CBs with a promising youngster as cover, fullbacks are some of the best in the league with decent cover for both of them. We have wingers coming out of our arse, most of which can play down the middle and upfront. Centre midfield we have two youngsters who are currently doing a good job and Cesc who is a lot maturer for his age. The only thing we are missing is an experienced DM. Most of our so-called youngsters are now coming of age (RVP, Ade, Eboue, Clichy) while we have added to experienced players to the ranks in Silvestre and Arshavin. If we get in one player this summer (Veloso anyone?) and keep our current squad, then we WILL seriously challenge for the title next season. Arsene is nearly finished his project and soon it will be time to reap the rewards.

  7. vj says:

    in the modern era Arsenal were most successful with Pires and Ljungberg in the side. To describe them as wingers though isn’t quite right. Both players although often with starting positions out wide spent most of the time coming inside. What actually made them brilliant players for Arsenal and why their absence is now noticed at the Arse is the fact that they made fantastic runs beyond the back four. Thus the Vieiras, Petits and Bergkamps of this world could do what they did best – cut in incisive passing.

    Denilson, Eboue, Song – even Nasri and Cesc seem to get nose bleeds running beyond defenders into the box. Therefore Arsenal spend half their time playing lovely balls backwards and forwards between them thinking aren’t we great but it is all done in front of the opponents’ defence. Arshavin, from midfield, nearly scored from a header from inside the box against both Burnley and West Bromwich Albion. The Arsenal fans around me thought we were dreaming! What the hell was an Arsenal midfielder doing in the box? Eboue scoring against Burnley illustrates my point even more. He actually made the run beyond Song, took the backheel on, got an opportunity and scored. Tenner says he can’t do it again but…maybe there is hope ahead??

  8. Jeff from Fulham says:

    suspect Wenger will start with the same eleven as in the first leg – if that is the case, I hope Van Persie and Bendtner swap positions as the latter is not a left winger and would be much better playing in the centre to disrupt their defenders. We can win this tie and very much hope we do as if we fail I feel this will impact badly on the rest of the season, we might not have the stomach to come back and fight again on the League and Cup fronts. Having watched an average Chelsea team progress against an equally average Juve ( where are the great European teams these days?), we do have an opportunity to go very far in this competition if our collective heads are in the right place. What worries me is how we approach this game. Three years ago we took a 1-0 lead to Villareal and Wenger again was full of the “we must not sit back” quotes. We did exactly that, played awfully and were very lucky to go through. What the other three English sides have, that we don’t, is resilience, which we don’t display consistently and that comes from a good attitude, team spirit and experience. On our day we can beat all the others for skill, flair and passing, but when the chips are down, the others seem to have more flexibility to change things and an ability to get a result. I just pray we don’t go a goal down as then it will be like the Alamo and we might suffer- Come on Gunners and let’s hope our supporters over there get home safe and don’t encounter Roma’s loony fans, some of whom I had the misfortune to see after the home leg!

  9. SuperBobbyPires says:

    Next season, Emmanuel Adebayor and Nicklas Bendtner will have to watch over their shoulders because Gooner Jay Simpson is coming back! He is a very determined young man indeed and will constantly train with the senior team. Simpson is a person I feel, will charm us with his neat footwork and fantastic speed. Under the surveillance of Arsene Wenger he will definately become a better player. I’ve been watching West Bromwich Albion this season ever since Simpson arrived on-loan to them on television and he has contributed to their cause. Wenger will work with him closely in pre-season and whenever he feels right, Simpson will be unleashed!!

  10. SuperBobbyPires says:

    Gooner, thanks. I may just do that. COME ON GUNNERS DO US PROUD!!!!

  11. kameron says:

    Good evening folks I have to document what a lot of you have been saying.

    People have been jumping on the bandwagon and slating the Gunners. The media, and their love and bias for Utd is so obvious it’s horrific.

    It appears that most people believe that United are set to sweep up every trophy in sight and dominate world football, crushing anyone who gets in their way. I have to admit, it’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy and start believing but the truth is reality is far different from fantasy & United could find that out. Remember the season 2003/04? Of course you do. That was the season Arsenal went through the entire Premiership campaign without a single defeat. Back then people were saying the same things about Arsenal as they saying about Utd now. Arsenal were going to win everything in sight and nobody could stop them. Fate didn’t follow suit. Within a few days we suffered a double blow when losing to Manchester United in the FA Cup and Chelsea in the Champions League. Football is unpredictable and that’s why I won’t get caught up in all the talk that Manchester United will win the lot. I’m sure the Manchester United players and Ferguson won’t either. If you listen to the media then the season may as well end now and lets just hand the trophies to Manchester United. I don’t listen to the media and happen to believe that Arsenal will ruin the party and win the Champions League and the FA Cup/People will call me an optimist and not a realist but why? I’m realistic enough to know that Arsenal, on their day, like Utd and Chelsea have found out, can match and beat the best. United deserve a lot of praise but I think winning everything is beyond them or anybody. They will win the Premiership, they have the Carling Cup but I think Arsenal will share the spoils and give everybody a reality check.

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