Match Talk: Arsenal vs Blackburn


Summary & Opinion

After a positive win over AC Roma last wednesday, we played Blackburn Rovers at home tonight with some determination to get our team in to good shape. We played some brilliant football today and with the return of Theo Walcott we are shaping up with some creativity in the midfield. He is so quick on the ball and has the mentality to play excellent passes and make the defence look stupid.

It was only one minute and fourteen seconds when Andrei Arshavin’s shot was deflected into the back of the net, but it then took another sixty three minutes to get the next. A superb goal by Arshavin put us two goals ahead.

A terrible game for Bendtner saw him substitued late on in the game for Eboue, who scored the remaining two goals of the game which was really nice to see. This will boost his confidence in a high way. He got a well finished goal at the right time when it came of the keeper from Arshavin’s shot and hit his second from the penalty spot in extra time when Vela was taken down.

Bendtner seemed extremely poor this evening. He had the oppurtunity to score at least six or seven goals but still failed to net one in. It is getting quite clear now he is just not good enough to be playing in our first team. Any other good striker would have buried most of the chances he had.

It is looking promosing for us at this moment. I still think we can win silverware this season and secure the fourth place ahead of Aston Villa who seem to be slipping up at the moment.

Great game lads, i hope this is kept up and we continue to do well and score like this.

Player Ratings:

Almunia (7.0)
Sagna (7.0)
Toure (7.0)
Djourou (6.5)
Clichy (7.0)
Walcott (8.0)
Song Billong (7.5)
Denilson (7.0)
Arshavin (8) (Great debut goal, welcome to Arsenal!)
Nasri (7.5)
Bendtner (6.0)


Diaby, Vela, Eboue all get a (7.0) – all done fine when they come on, and Eboue getting those two goals cheered me up.


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