Phil Brown fined, talk on the whole matter.


I came across this article and it is now clear what Hull have become along with their assistant manager. A bunch or sore losing tossers.
To criticise our club in a way he did and then leave himself in such a whole he can’t escape it serves him right for all the lies he has accused us of.

Arsenal’s current public enemy number one (A.K.A. Hull City manager Phil Brown) has been fined £2,500 and warned as to his future conduct.

The fine has been imposed due to his touchline spat with Newcastle United boss Joe Kinnear in January.

Talking of spat, Brown claims Cesc Fabregas spat at his assistant Brian Horton immediately after Arsenal’s 2-1 victory over Hull in the FA Cup, which is prompting an FA investigation.

Cesc denies ever spitting in his career, though there is some inconclusive video footage circulating showing a previous incident with Michael Ballack.

Cesc says he simply shouted at the German, then playing for Bayern Munich.

There is a suggestion that if Cesc is found guilty he will serve a four-match ban, which might result in his comeback game being postponed.

Cesc and Arsenal seem confident of a not guilty verdict, particularly bearing in mind that Brown said Arsene Wenger has never shaken hands with him – despite photographic evidence to the contrary.

Brown’s recent warning and fine may prompt the FA to decide that the temperamental manager is guilty of false allegations and his club’s shenanigans could backfire quite spectacularly.

Despite talk of Arsenal bias, it was interesting to see that a two-footed lunge on Theo Walcott in the box received no punishment at all. It should have been a penalty, as ‘jumping’ for the ball results in a direct free kick regardless of whether the ball is played before the man.

The TV pundits failed to notice this transgression of the rules and ex-Spurs midfielder Tim Sherwood reckoned Theo hardly had a touch! Now that’s what you call bias, or is it blindness?

A personal friend of mine and my father was at the game sitting fairly close to Phil Brown. And stated to us that everytime Arsene stood up in rage Phil Brown laughed in joy. He also said he felt so annoyed he wished he went over there and kicked the shit out of the Hull manager.

Clearly they had this planned from the start. It was a plan to get The Arsenal irritated but towards the end their plans went bust leaving them in something they can’t get out of. He also claimed Wenger has never shaken his hand after a game, there is clear proof of this all over the net.

Well i don’t really want to continue criticising Hull City as i can go on all day, but i would just be as bad as them if i did. Several articles, videos and commentary speeches have been published about this.

I think it’s time we show who the bigger club is and let it go now. I’m sure Cesc has as he has nothing to hide.

Gooner of the Goonerforum

2 Responses to Phil Brown fined, talk on the whole matter.

  1. aisha says:

    great blog gooner. every word you speak is true.
    the pair of idiots made my blood boil when horton was laughing & snearing at arsene. then brown was laughing and clapping.
    justice was done in the end and i’m really sad that we won’t be playing them next season to do em over again.

  2. Gooner says:

    thanks mate, yeh whole club are a bunch of twats, deserve relagation after that.

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