Almunia 12 months away from representing England?


Manuel Almunia has predicted he could be as close as 12 months away from playing for England.

The Spanish shot-stopper has given up on any hopes of playing for his own country, but his five-year spell at Arsenal means he can switch allegiances to England.

Fabio Capello seems far from settled on his first-choice keeper as he prepares for a friendly with Slovakia this weekend, which can be seen live on Setanta Sports.

With World Cup 2010 looming on the horizon, Almunia could even lead Fabio Capello’s defensive effort in South Africa, and the Arsenal keeper admits he might apply for his passport in January of next year.

“People are asking this question now because I have been in England for five years and am able to apply for a passport,” Almunia said in a webchat on Arsenal’s official website.

“I am taking in the information, what I need to do for a passport.

“I think, for January next year, maybe I can have the permission.

“Maybe I will get a passport, then after, if I get the call-up [from England], I will think about this.”

Taken from Setanta, will our keeper be representing England? How would people see to this, we all know it would be to hard for Almunia to climb the ladder in Spain and goalkeep for his country with all the wordclass keepers they have already.

I think it shows his serious and that he’s gaining confidence towards his career, good luck to him! Tell us how you feel about the situtation.

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One Response to Almunia 12 months away from representing England?

  1. Matembo says:

    Hmm interesting. As a gooner i must say i feel his pain! But will the english be as sympathetic or even empathetic?
    And what about the rules? What does Fifa say?
    I would like to see almunia in goals for England! David james n co. kinda dodgy!

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