Tribute: RIP David “Rocky” Rocastle

A tribute to an outstanding footballer called David Rocastle who died tragically at the age of 33 on the 31st of March 2001.

3 Responses to Tribute: RIP David “Rocky” Rocastle

  1. The Jury says:

    I loved old Rocky. He was our answer to John Barnes and all the other gifted midfielders of the time.

    Although he played on the right wing for most of his years with us, it was when Graham switched him to a more central role (inside right) that he really came into his own for me.

    He was the rock in our 90-91 league championship winning side which lost just one league game all season conceding just 18 goals in the process. He was incredible that season; a season which saw Arsenal docked two points for our part in the battle of old trafford and captain Tony Adams jailed for two months for almost parking his car in someones living room whilst legless drunk!

    I’ll always remember Rocky for his brilliance and discipline he showed that season when we needed it most…

    Thanks for all those priceless memories. Your legacy is alive in all those who remember you.

    A true Arsenal legend…R.I.P. David ‘Rocky’ Rocastle.

  2. bender says:

    Havent posted here in a few months. Back then i was calling for Arshavin. The man has coome in and the mood around the Emirates has completely lifted.

    He’s been a breath of fresh air,it shows what difference spending money can make. We were in big trouble but now theres a sense of much needed optimism. I said the perogative of this year was to qualify for the CL next year and to show signs of a title challenge also. And thankfully i think were ok on both counts.

    The likes of Denilson and Song have matured, i still want a DM but they are now good squad players. At the start of the season there was a sense of despair and worry and it was proven on the field.

    Cant help but think by the start of next season there will be a resemblence to the start of 07/08 where despite losing Henry there was still a feeling of hope and excitement.

    I’d take a score draw here all day long, I think a lot of people are taking Villarreal very lightly indeed, which is exactly the mistake our supporters made last time.

    I remember coming out of the ground after that 1st leg in 06 and everyone was complaining that we had only won 1-0 and that complacency could and should have bitten us in the arse for the second leg where Villarreal should have won by three clear goals at least.

    They are an excellent side, with an unrivalled home record and they are in the same position in La Liga as we are in the Premiership, so we have no reason to feel over confident. If we won 3-0 or 2-0, I’d be absolutely astounded quite frankly.

  3. Justin Farmer says:

    It is becoming very apparent that Man u is not as exceptional as a lot of analyst were thinking.Man have struggled in their last 4 games and have conceded at least 2 goals in a match and i think their sudden metamorphosis came when they were comprehensively whitewashed by liverpool at old traford that result showed every team in the world that Man u can be beaten and that is why fulham,aston villa and F.C porto have refused to be intimidated by the old traford pretenders.It is really amusing and amazing that a team who kept a clean sheet in 10 consecutive games has found it difficult to concede less than 2 goals in their last 4 games.The truth is right from the beginning of the season Man u were not really exceptional,they were winning games because their opponents felt they could not win but that myth was shattered beyond monumental proportions when liverpool came to Old traford.Man u had the easiest fixture in the championsleague and yet they could not take advantage of it,chelsea and liverpool would have died to have a championsleague fixture against FC Porto it would be extremely difficult for man u in the return leg,fc porto has 2 away goals and they have a great record against Man u maybe fcporto could help Morinho avenge intermilan’s exit from the championsleague

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