Liverpool 4-4 Arsenal (Fanzone)

April 24, 2009

A United Fan working for Arsenal?

February 20, 2009
Gary O'Driscoll

Gary O'Driscoll

It was announced today that Ireland’s rugby team doctor Gary O’Driscoll has replaced long standing club doctor Ian Beasley, who will be moving on to take a role within the England national team setup. An expert in sports injuries, he will be expected to offer world class treatment to our players aswell as the dreaded task of trying to ‘fix’ Tomas Rosicky.

Thought to be a Manchester United fan, Gary worked with the Irish National rugby team for several years and has also joined the British Lions squad on tour which will continue to happen at the end of the season.

Dr O’Driscoll officially started his new role today and on behalf of AFC Blog and Goonerforum we would like to wish him the best of luck in dealing with our lads.

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Arsenal vs Cardiff – Eduardo Penalty.

February 19, 2009

Filmed this from where me and my mate were sitting, i know it’s a bit late but only just managed to get my hands on it. Here you go 🙂

[Match Report] Eduardo Return, Opinion & Ratings.

February 17, 2009

(Picture taken of my phone at the game just before kickoff)

Well, sorry for a late post. I got last minute tickets to the match against Cardiff tonight, and oh my what a performance we pulled off. I was so happy to have went to this game, the crowd was quite lively for once and it had a brilliant atmosphere.

For once this year we played as a team and i must say performances for all players were of good standard. Eduardo was welcomed on to the pitch with a huge cheer, it felt great to have him back and with the 2 goals he scored we can see he has still got that class when finishing, i was praying he would score to boost his confidence.

Here are our forum selected player ratings from Shaun (I did not type this personally)

Fabianski 7 – Didn’t hardly have anything to do, but what he did do, he did right.

Sagna 8.5 – Great game. Didn’t let their winger have a sniff of the ball.
Gallas 7 – Decent game, didn’t have much to do.
Toure 7.5 – Looks like he’s on form. Won a lot in the air.
Gibbs 8.5 – Just like Sagna, fantastic today. Defended well and got forward plenty of times.

Nasri 8 – Another good game. Very creative and helped the defence on occasions.
Song 6 – Below par. Did OK in some places, but passing was off.
Denilson 6.5 – Didn’t do anything wrong, just didn’t stand out enough for me.
Vela 8.5 – Fantastic game from him. Excellent with the ball at his feet.

Bendtner 8.5 – For me he was terrific today. Great link-up play and a well-taken goal.
Eduardo 9 – MOTM – Superb. Took both goals well, fantastic generally on the ball. Glad he’s back.


Van Persie 8 – Was brilliant from the moment he came on. Good finish.
Bischoff 7.5 – Impressed with him. Good passing and played a key part in the final goal.
Ramsey 6 – Did he even come on?

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Doesn’t it go to show that we can play when we’re at our form, notice how the effect of Adebayor and Eboue not being on the pitch effected the play. Now to think that we could have Rosicky, Fabregas & Walcott back along with Arshavin creating results and performances like this just makes me feel that slightest bit better for our hopes this season.

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F.A. cup draw and our hopes on silverware

February 15, 2009

English FA Cup quarter-final draw


Feb 15 (Reuters) – English FA Cup quarter-final draw (II denotes Championship (second division) sides).

Blackburn Rovers or Coventry City (II) v Chelsea Swansea City (II) or Fulham v Manchester United

Cardiff City (II) / Arsenal or Burnley (II) v Sheffield United (II) or Hull City

Everton v West Ham United or Middlesbrough * matches to be played on March 7/8

Now being realistic on our overall season and performances, it’s clear that the F.A. Cup is our closest hope on taking silverware this season, with the signing of Andrei Arshavin and most of our injured players such as Cesc Fabregas, Theo Walcott and Eduardo (who was benched against Tottenham) coming back we stand a solid chance of taking the cup this season.

I hate to break it to everyone but there is no chance we will compete in the league now, we will be battling out for fourth position and focus on qualifying for next seasons Champions League and to think we stand a chance in the years CL would be expecting to much with the current form of the squad, although i do look on the players to do well if they change and set there minds to it, but looking at the team this minute our game has become complete shambles.

Looking at todays draw we have the chance to make the semi’s fairly easy having Cardiff and Burnley at home (which we should win) and then playing Sheffield United in the Quarter final.

So our next three games (Meaning if we qualify)

Cardiff (home)

Burnley (home)

Sheffield United or Hull City (home)

Now looking at those fixtures we can have high hope to go on and battle out all the way through the cup, by then we should have all our players back including the likes of Tomas Rosicky as he’s said to now be back in training and return in 6 weeks. Arsene Wenger will have to take this seriously and snap out of his dream world if he wants to see us acheive something this year.

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[Summer Move] Yaya Toure to Arsenal

February 15, 2009


According to News of the world, it is noticed that younger brother of the current Arsenal defender Kolo Toure will be making his way to Emirates in the summer. Yaya Toure, 25 could be set to leave the Spanish giants.

Now we all know this has been talked about previously and it didn’t seem like it would happen with personal statements being said that he had no intention of leaving the club.

My god this would be a great asset to the team and would put some great quality to our mid-field. Arsene Wenger has already stated this could be the one buy that solves our problem in the long run as well as bringing delight to the two great brothers.

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[Competition] Win an Arshavin Printed T-Shirt!

February 14, 2009


Over at the gooneforum we are hosting a competition to win a free arshavin printed t-shirt, its simple you just add your entries. Make sure you read the rules.

You must signup quickly to enter but it’s all good as we are a great community to join.

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[Podcast] Is Wenger Un-sackable?

February 10, 2009

Following on from “Scolari sacked! Could Wenger be the next to go?”

Podcast # 6 Is Wenger Un-sackable?


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Scolari sacked! Could Wenger be the next to go?

February 10, 2009

Wenger must wake up each morning and thank his lucky stars that the board and fans at Arsenal are as understand then some of the other BIG clubs around the world.

I look at Real Madrid, Chelsea and loads more, and the way they have sack there manager after bad results and wonder why is Wenger’s job so safe and never put into doubt?

Chelsea are above us in the league, They have a manager who has hardly had time to adjust to the English game and yet the fans were calling for his head after the weekends draw with Hull. The board reacted with the sacking of the world cup-winning manager and are now on the lookout for a replacement.

So why is Wenger’s job so safe at Arsenal? We are currently 5th in the league and have not won anything since 2005. But yet the Arsenal board and “most” fans are happy with the job that Wenger is doing?

If Wenger was at any other big club in the world I’m sure he would have been sack by know. So why do the Arsenal fans and the board accept this?

I know why the board loves Wenger, its simple he makes them profit ever season. What other manager could finish in the top 4/5 every season after selling his best players and replacing them with kids and cheep Africans? But is that success for Wenger and the board? Are they happy with making a profit ever season and making it into Europe without winning anything?

Is that what we have become?  What happened to the days of fighting for the title?

We are now more then TEN points behind the leaders and in 5th place but yet most fans I speak to on the forum still come out with the famous saying “ In Arsene we trust”

I’m not sure if there trust is justified anymore, Wenger seems to be living off his pass achievements. It now seems like both Wenger and the club are stuck in a rut and are content with the way things are and cant be arsed to try and change things. It’s almost like a married couple that are in a long-term relationship that’s clearly not working and are only staying together for the sake of the kids.

If Arsenal want to improve next season they need to be brave. Ether changes the transfer policy at the club and brings in top class players. Or change the manager! Something needs to change at Arsenal as its clearly not working.

The question is are the board or fans brave enough to want a change? Or are they just happy to carry on with the way things are?

I know what’s coming in the reply comments!

Loads of abuse calling me plastic and telling me to naf off to Man City,

Fans asking, “WHO are we going to replace him with?

And loads of teenagers telling me that without Wenger we would be doomed, as we owe everything to him!

Updated : Podcast on this subject


Ether way, Things need to change at Arsenal as the great Wenger project is clearly not working!

The race for a CL spot gets even hotter!

February 9, 2009

They say that the only certain things are death and taxes, although I would like to add Man Utd winning the premier league (yet again) this season to the list. I think that Liverpool have done enough to secure at least 3rd position although with Gerrard out who knows, particularly if somebody nobbles Torres. I have just been looking at the other teams fighting it out for a Champions League spot, namely Chelsea, Villa and Arsenal.

Actually, to be honest what I have been doing is trying to convince myself that Gooners will be following footy on Tuesday and Wednesday nights next season, watching the likes of Barcelona and Bayern, rather than that other tournament that the spuds have been in lately….I think it’s something called the Eufa Cup.  And what a close race it is turning out to be.

Arsenal have not been this bad since 05/06 season when we just snuck 4th at the end. We had been 5th or 6th for the whole of 2006 and then bingo, we beat Wigan 4-2 on the last day of the season whilst Spurs lost to the Hammers. The comparison between this season and 05/06 is interesting: after 25 games in 05/06 we were in 5th place on 41pts, three behind Spurs and seven behind Liverpool. Right now we are 5th on 44pts,  five behind Chelski and seven behind Villa. We managed to accumulate 26pts in the last 13 of the season, including 8 wins (one being a 5-0 against Villa) and overhauled Spurs. Can we overhaul Chelsea or Villa this time around?

The diagram below shows my crystal ball gazing, based on the allignment of the planets and the colour of my turds this morning. Arsenal have some “easy” matches coming up, and if we are to have any chance we will need to go on a bit of a winning spree starting now. Villa have some tough matches coming up and I am encouraged by the pattern of my tea leaves to believe that they could run into a string of horrendous results, giving hope to us all. I cannot see Chelsea being pegged back – they are due a few wins and an ideal time to start would be their next match away to Villa. If Villa win that one we are doomed.

Anyway…..I reckon we end up level on points with Villa and it will come down to goal difference, and by then, with our new maestro ARSHAVIN in the fold, we will have chalked up a couple of 4-0’s and will secure that CL spot by the tiniest of margins, sending Villa fans into dispair!!!  Martin O’Neil will be blubbing “I would really love it….” Keegan style as his team gradually gets hauled back.

Of course, ask me when I take my rose tinted specs off and I will tell you a very different tale.

what does the future hold?

what does the future hold?