Match Talk: Arsenal vs Hull


Summary & Opinion

After a 2-1 victory at Emirates tonight we have finally made it to Wembley Stadium to face Chelsea in the semi-final. We conceded to go one nil behind after a deflection spun past Fabianksi just thirteen minutes after kick off.

It looked like it wouldn’t go our way tonight missing several chances later on, but we managed to get back in the game dominating possesion and netting two goals to make victory.

On the overall performance i must say we played well. We created a bag full of chances and just kept failing to score as Hull played a very defensive game with eight or nine players behind the ball when we broke forward. It made it tough for us to break them down but after two great substitutions and the brilliance of Nasri it changed the whole game.

Many complain he should have played Nasri from the beggining and Toure in defence which i believe is very true, it could have easily cost us the game and with the F.A. Cup being the only silverware we have a high possibility of winning he needs to take it more serious. We can’t afford to take risks of playing younger players. If our players are fit, send them out with out doubt so we can win the games from early on and later rest them. It becomes a pain worrying about coming back from a team battling relagation this season.

I would like to congratulate the Arsenal on getting through yet another stage, you’ve made us proud this last week with some worrying but great wins. It has been a good week or two for us and it looks like our season may be promising. Lets just wait and see!

Player Ratings:

Fabianski (6.5)
Sagna (7.0)
Gallas (7.5)
Djourou (6.5)
Gibbs (7.0)
Walcott (7.0)
Song Billong (7.0)
Diaby (6.0)
Vela (6.5)
Van Persie (8.0)
Arshavin (8.0)


Bendtner (7.0)
Nasri (7.5)
Eboue (6.5) (Didn’t have much to do really)

3 Responses to Match Talk: Arsenal vs Hull

  1. Stu says:

    Surely you cant be serious giving Van Persie an 8? He did absloutely nothing but score a tap in. He was awful until Bendtner and Nasri came on.

  2. Dobbo says:

    Arsenal skum bastards, your all a bunch of fuck faced wankers. You cant win shit with out the ref’s doing all the work for you. hahaha and your tit face manager the french bastard is one sour prick. WE CAN take pride from the game, and we can also feel aggreaved that a bad decision cost us at arsenal! COME ON YOU HULL. P.S COME ON CHELSEA, I HOPE YOU CRASH THESE BASTARDS RIGHT OUT THE CUP 🙂

  3. Gooner says:

    lol replies like that even show what a state your club is in. Wether or not the goal was ruled out we still would have won. Least it could of went was a replay.

    Phil Brown changed his statement later, shows how this was all a publicity stunt. Silly bastards.

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