Do you actually trust Wenger? 40% of Arsenal fans say no

Many gooners have a saying “In Arsene we trust” but do they?

Recently on the blog we had a poll on this subject ,Over 350 fans voted and 40% of Arsenal fans said they no longer trusted Wenger.You can see this poll here > Link

I can see why some fans have lost faith in le boss recently. Our all round game is not what it use to be.Losing to the likes of Fulham, Hull etc etc are not just a blip in the season. They seem to be a repeating problem that Wenger is finding difficult to cure.

We regards to his transfer activatie or lack of it in recent years. Wenger who was know for having the Midas touch when it came to finding unknown talent has made more then a few mistake. Allowing Flamini,Gilberto to both leave in the same season plus Diarra a £20m pound player to leave without really giving him a chance at the club? What i could not understand about the Diarra situation was why did he sign him in the first place and not give him a chance ahead of Flamini who’s contract was running out? Why play Flamini ahead of him? I could understand why Diarra moved on from Arsenal. He came to us cos he was frustrated at the lack of games he was getting at CSKA Fulham and wanted to prove himself…Out of the frying pan and at Arsenal he was back in the same boat, So really what was the point in him coming to us? And of course Arsenal jumped at the chance of making a profit on the player and cashed him in. At Pompey he proved what a class player he was and thats why he is now at Real Madrid

A huge mistake from Wenger.

But that’s not all.Wilson Palacios was given a trail at Arsenal and we could of signed him for less then £1m. Wenger felt he was a good player but with Alex Song and Denilson with had better players then Palacios already at the club. However, Being a nice bloke he called then Birmingham manager Steve Bruce and told him about the player and how he would be worth signing. Bruce took Wenger up on his advice and signed the player. And now he is a £15m player with Man Utd and Spurs leading the pack for him. So has wenger know lost his greatest gift? His eye for talent?

I’m also pretty frustrated with the, I don’t wish to call them lies but the inconsistency coming from Wenger and the board?
Are we skint or not? Do we have money to spend? do we have to sell players to bring new players in?

I would just like the man to be honest with us.

And for the record. I did trust wenger, But now…….I’m not so sure. Like Wenger said “Judge Me In May”but what about the other years since 2005?

20 Responses to Do you actually trust Wenger? 40% of Arsenal fans say no

  1. Peter Gadd says:

    First, the link to the poll is not working. Second, youo are talking a load of b****x. Without Arsene, we would not be in the shit we are in now. grow up please.

  2. El Muppet says:

    You know, Wenger is a total fucking cunt nowadays – no explanation for our downfall, and that it is a downfall is crystal fucking clear – after the unbeaten season we were set up to dominate the game in England and we have fucked it up BIG TIME … not just Wenger’s fault but mostly his. Cunt.

  3. thegoonerforum says:

    Peter.the link is working now. Sorry about that.

    Why would we be in sh!t without Wenger?

    We won titles before him and will do after him

  4. goonerdave says:

    Ridiculous article, why wasn’t Diarra played ahed of Flamini? Well, because Flamini was playing well so he was pretty much player of the year last year. Diarra had to be signed in a hurry at the end of the summer window, and was always pretty much an afterthought, clearly not critical to our planning but if his signing came off well it was a bonus, which it was (nice sell on fee means we might actually have enough for Arshavin). As for Palacios, well we had Cesc, Gilberto, Flamini, Diaby, Denilson and more young talent coming through so we were congested in centre midfield anyway.
    Think you’ll find that 350 isn’t a significant number for an accurate stastical sample either, specially as its hardly a random sample.

  5. AusGunner says:

    Yes well ignoring the broad sweeping generalisation directed at the entire Arsenal fan community – one which contains hundreds of thousands of members – in your headline, it overlooks the fact that football fans are idiots.

    How many times in his career has Ferguson been doubted not just by the press and neutrals but by the club’s own fans in general? There was ’93 when he was on a horrible run before he won the fa cup, there was the mid 90s when he replaced a double winning team with many young players, and there was recently, just three seasons ago when they finished third and were performing poorly in the champions league, before they won their league title in 06/07.

    when the managers are as good as ferguson and wenger, managerial consistency ultimately brings success. It’s fascinating and a little bit disconcerting that quite a number of people don’t have the requisite patience to see the work of their managers pay off, treating the fact that our last trophy was won in 2005 as some sort of catastrophe. It’s even more disconcerting that fans are willing to write off their own teams chances of any silverware when they are in contention for three prizes. If Wenger can alienate the team from the pessimism of the fans then that will put them in good stead for the remainder of the season.

  6. Cyprus's Finest Gooner says:

    It depends on what you mean. If you’re talking about what he says in press conferences and to the media then no, I don’t, because he obviously keeps most of his real thougths to himself. But I do trust he will do what he thinks is best for our club and it has paid dividends before. I trust his judgement. He is a great manager, and if other Arsenal fans don’t appreciate him then they don’t deserve him. I hope he stays for as long as possible.

  7. jrockdc says:

    Disagree with you about Diarra. He’s the one who orchestrated the move away from Arsenal, not Wenger. What are you to do with a player who has a bad attitude and brings down the morale of the team by complaining in the papers? He’s been at three clubs in less than two years. What happens if someone else gains the starting spot? I think he’ll orchestrate a move rather than battle for the spot.

  8. avenell says:

    I don’t think Wenger in or out is as black and white as your poll makes it out to be.
    This is the first time we have looked rough since Arsene joined. The players have not stepped up like diaby or even denilson.
    I think most gooners will give him at least another year.
    We also got a percentage of the transfer fee from that bad ass diarra so we didn’t do to badly.

  9. Surrey Gunner says:

    I can take criticism from Fleet street and Match of the Day, in fact I expect it. I can concede that Wenger has made mistakes, and yes! he is not perfect. What I dont think you can argue is that 40% of supporters dont Trust him, this is nonsense and is just absurb, think 9 out of 10 cats perfer statistics.

    Wenger has given Arsenal so much, and we need to Trust and supprt him. Lets give him the benfit of the doubt, and just support him and the team. The CEO will take some of the burden for transfers and contracts from Wenger.

    I think if he reads this he would be very hurt, as I think he views the Trust of the club and its supporters as the most important thing.

    Please dont wrie any more of this rubbish, I feel this is so desstructive.

  10. Palu says:

    Having followed Arsenal since ’59, through the bad years and the good – remember ’71 , Kennedy scoring the goal agains Spuds – and on through the 80’s and 90’s, there must be many Arsenal ” supporters” who don’t realise how fortunate Arsenal are to have a top manager.
    Since he took over, Arsenal have moved up into the top echelons. Without him, we would be scuffling below the top four. He is building a side for the future. Every club would wish to be in the position that Arsene’s built for us.
    Everyone seems to expect is now, as of right!
    Manu didn’t win the first division for 25 years. They can spend 30 million every season. Arsenal cannot live in that company. I would rather Arsenal built from their youth, than bankrupt us buying some ego-centric, jumped-up, big-headed so-called superstar.
    We don’t have a right to win everything.
    Support your team. Don’t boo them. They may surprise you all and accomplish great things.

  11. Optimus says:

    Bad article, If you so clever and know everything what wenger should do in the first place,why don’t you replace him?,Being fans don’t allow us to say or do something that make everything getting worse,trust the team.That’s all they need

  12. brdgunner says:

    The link says that 32% dis-trust Arsene, which means 68% do. Wanker. even if it is 40% thats still 60% in his favour. I would be happy with that. Arsene has transformed us. I believe the fans that want signings and cups just want them to brag down the pub and dont really care what it costs us to get there. COME ON THE GUNNERS.

  13. W says:

    Those 40% of Arsenal ‘fans’ that don’t trust Wenger should go quietly and start supporting another club…perhaps Manchester City. Pathetic!

  14. Ole Gunner says:

    It’s NOT a scientific poll. IT MEANS NOTHING…

    Why did Arsene not play Diarra instead of Flamini? You were joking right? Obviously you couldn’t have thought that was a point.

    I don’t even know why I am here commenting on this article.

  15. Tom the Gooner says:

    Football fans are naive, stupid, blinkered, impatient and down right arrogant.

  16. RomfordPele says:

    Total c**p! To say that 40% of Arsenal fans dont “trust” Arsene is ludicrous. Most of my mates who sit around me at the ground are frustrated at our progress but that is completely different to saying we dont trust Arsene. We are not having a great season but have been affected more than other teams by injuries to key players and are only 4 points off Chelski. Thankfully Arsene knows what he is doing and I dont think will be losing any sleep about your poll.

  17. barking says:

    Aside from one or two cretins there are many valuable views expressed in the comments here.

    To which I add this:

    Was it PHW or Arsene who recently said something like: In ten years time Arsenal fans will be pleased to look back on these last four years as the most significant in the Club’s history.

    Point being: We are building on solid foundations and success will always follow our approach to the game.

    Yes, we have seen a deterioration in the quality of our football this year, but we need to have patience. The venom with which our own players are being attacked by the fans is entirely disproportionate to the reality of our performances. The number of times I’ve read that Denilson (who has been very good in 80% of the games he has played) isn’t fit to wear the Arsenal shirt is, frankly, stomach-churning. Lest we forget these failed cloggers who are ruining the Club are the same failed cloggers who beat Blackburn and Bolton away on the back of a trip to Russia. They didn’t look quite so useless then, did they? Since that time our form has slumped and consistency evaporated. One week good, the next poor. These are not the signs of a Club in decline, simply growing pains.

    I pray that those narrow-minded, blinkered views of the game expressed by some here are always overwhelmed by the views of our more balanced and perceptive supporters for whom a trophy every year is not the only measure of success.

  18. Marko says:

    Well those fans who voted no aren’t fans and perhaps they should support Man City or Chelsea and watch them throw their money around with no regards. People are dying every day in some of the poorest countries in the world and Man City are paying over a 100 mill for a player that last season Flamini had him in his pocket for 2 games.

  19. oz_gooner says:

    Another schoolboy article. Get your facts right. When Palacios trialled with us, he had Hleb and Rosicky ahead of him, not Denilson and Diaby.

  20. Marco Polo 14 says:

    I think we need to remember we are supporters of the club. Yes we aint happy with performances this season and I was frustrated like anyone else BUT I have now grown up and realised a man who has given 12 years to a club can never stop making it his passion. I blame the media who only attack certain teams like ours they are wankers! We have problems like our best players being injured! How can we expect consitency? BUT we are still six points of the scousers, we lost to Stoke away I was pissed now in hindsight after other results I see Stoke away is a fucking nightmare for any team no one has smashed them at their place to my knowledge. WE HAVE a fucking amazing home ground and our team needs to improve granted. OTHERS WANT a 60000 seat home ground but cant afford it even with billionaire owners so fuck em! My analogy is we just bought a house but have to eat baked beans for a while. If you are depressed look at spurs Harrys gonna spend shitloads more of their money to bravely fight relegation! Wot Spuds another 50 mill on crap come on lets have perspective they had to injure Eddy last season to stop our momentum we will be back 2005 since our last trophy fuck off 1990 since liverpool won the league nearly 20 years but oh yeah the match of the day team is all ex liverpool? oh yeah sky team is an ex spurs player whose dad manages spurs no biase there then wankers.

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