Taxi for Myles Palmer (Why Van Persie should NOT be sold)

OUCH!!!…Maybe RvP saw this as he rolled through the Internet and this inspired him on tonight. I swear he shouted out something as he scored his first goal!

Why Van Persie should be sold (Sep 29, 2008)
By Myles Palmer

Robin van Persie doesn’t make it. He is a bang!bang! striker whose style does not fit the way the team plays. He is not a team player and will never be a team player. He plays far too selfishly, most of his passes are afterthoughts, he slows the moves down, and he shoots from silly angles again and again and again.Van Persie is a current international striker but he hasn’t made it. He’s had his chance and he’s not good enough. He will never be any better than he is now. Arsene Wenger should not deny that for one more day. Robin van Persie should be sold……LINK

A great game tonight for RVP,I hate the smell of humble pie in the morning! : )

Sorry Myles : )

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57 Responses to Taxi for Myles Palmer (Why Van Persie should NOT be sold)

  1. Donjohnni says:

    Never trust a man who is middle-aged and can’t spell i.e. Myles.

  2. dan says:

    RVP is a quality a player and he proved that alot of times, why some1 on the basis of 1 game would say we should sell him is crazy. There slight doubt with his fitness sometimes but when fit is a match winner and also a team player, linking the play well from deep. Myles is stupid posting those comments does he know anything about football.

  3. deez says:

    He said van Persie is selfish & he is. He is not a team player & he is not. Arsenal are at their best as a collective unit & van persie is not Henry so he doesn’t fit in properly but the same can be said about Ade. Ade is selfish in ruining the team flow by constantly going offside.

  4. Norseman says:

    robin van persie is my favourite player. rvp in shape is pure orgasm!

  5. Angelo says:

    Myles is a twat….period. The only excuse for writing such drivel would be if he was on crack. Van Persie is by far the most talented attacking threat that we have and selling him would be sawing off your writing hand….which i think Mr Palmer should consider doing.

  6. Finny says:

    I actually agree and have thought this for some time. RVP scored a couple of times against a poor defense tonight. But on a week in week out basis he slows the play down too often and does not play other players in any where near enough. He is always looking to shoot from silly angles.
    Can quickly think of a dozen strikers I would prefer. No offence Robin.. Bentner should be given away as the tide wouldn’t take him.

  7. Norseman says:

    if he stays fit, he will be close on 30 goals imo.

  8. Obinna says:

    Couldn’t agree more Mr Myles will spend all night cleaning the egg from his face!!!

  9. Ken says:

    Myles both knows how to spell and knows about football. And there’s logic in what he says. Myles is not the only person I know who thinks RVP is not good enough for Arsenal. He is instinctive, unpredicatble in a choreographed team. I’d rather watch Vela.

  10. James says:

    Van Persie scores two goals against the shittest defence I have seen in years, and suddenly Myles Palmer is wrong. I don’t think so. I don’t agree with everything Palmer says, but Van Persie needs to buck his ideas up and start playing well – for the team – and scoring consistently. One match means fuck all.

  11. smudger says:

    Judging by “Ken’s” support of Myles Palmer and his crappy spelling, methinks Mr Palmer might have created a new identity to defend his half-witted articles

  12. km1980 says:

    Goals win games, and RvP scores a lot of them in terms of a ratio to games played. When he’s fit he is always among the goals. Personally I think that at the start of this season he does not look quite the player he was.. maybe the injuries have had an impact. However he still has 5-6 goals which is good at this stage of the season.

  13. Steve says:

    Van Persie is a crowd favourite – some of his play is spectacular. However if you actually watch him he is infuriating. He hardly EVER plays quick passes, holds on to the ball and then lays it off sideways or backwards slowing the move down completely. I don’t think we should sell him but I also think his position as first choice striker should be under constant review…it will be interesting to see what Arsene does when Eduardo comes back and gives us razor sharp cutting edge.

  14. Dadum says:

    “He is instinctive, unpredicatble in a choreographed team. I’d rather watch Vela.” Ken

    Instinctive unpredictability is called flair and not only is it an attribute; its something evidently necessary in a team of 5 yard passers. Short passing never works without unpredictability, and to slag of the most gifted (he proves it time and time again with the caliber of goals that he scores) player in our first 11, and further to describe him as not good enough, is unintelligent at best and retarded at worst. Vela based on what? 5 years in the first team? A consistent, if not even mouth watering strike rate? The blessing of arguably two of the greatest minds within modern European football??? Not good enough…wtf.

  15. asdfghjkll; says:

    who ever said van persie hould be sold is stupid!!!!!!! he is pure class, and he proved it today.

  16. dn says:

    Robin is a pure talent, their is no doubt in that. He has the potential to change a game, but I get what myles is coming from. With that said I believe that Myles is being to hasty. The RVP he is judging is the Van Persie of the past. This is a differant player and as the season goes on he will see that he was to quick to judge

  17. Paul says:

    Anyone who saw Van persie’s second goal would agree, you should not sell him…end of! Myles Palmer is a prick. I read that drivel from him the other day

  18. gunner17 says:

    rvp has had a tough time of it with injuries and still looks like he’s building his game back up. but we have seen him produce some absolute magic in the few games he has managed for us. anyone who can produce magic like he can is worth keeping around. and he loves it at arsenal. he is part of the club’s identity and it is part of him. i hope he stays for life.

  19. gunner17 says:

    i think bendtner is uderrated. him playing first choice behind ade or rvp would be awesome. the kid’s got an awesome eye for an assist and the other two are finishers.

  20. thegoonerforum says:

    TBF to Myles a lot of people on our forum said the same thing after the Hull game…IMO RvP needs a run of 5/10 games to get sharp again. The boy will come good IMO

  21. John Terry's Mum says:

    i am an internet based arsenal fan.
    I only think what various blogs tell me to think
    rvp scored two goals. That means he’s the greatest player ever
    arsenal fans don’t like myles because he is not full of mindless uncritical adulation and is capable of critical thinking, therefore i don’t like myles
    I wish I lived back in the days of communist russia then i would never think for myself
    van persie scored two goals he is the greatest player ever
    myles is wrong about everything

  22. John Terry's Mum says:

    IMO Myles needs a run of 5/10 games to get sharp again. The boy will come good IMO

  23. Dennis says:

    I think the only person who take any notice of Myles Palmer is Myles Palmer. His jottings are normally about him and what a great and interesting life he has had and that he knows some very important people and that they all listen to what he has to say and that he has great taste in music and that he knows what Wenger should do and that he knows who should be bought and sold and that he is great bloke. I think he is an arsehole.

  24. Goonerman says:

    Everyone knows Myles writes bollocks, I don’t know why people even bother reading his drivel.

    Anyway, 4-0 quality result lets enjoy the moment but lets not get too carried away again. We have been wanking for weeks about how good we are but then Hull came along. Yes we beat Porto but they are a poor team who still live off the reputation of 2004. We still looked sketchy at the back and it concerns me greatly, will be exposed by better teams. Just got home in time to see the highlights and it was nice to see Arsene smiling.

    Finally Eboue is the greatest, can we keep him he makes me laugh!!!!

  25. km1980 says:

    What makes me laugh is that most of the time we hear fans complaining that we over elaborate and try and walk the ball in. The one guy who takes a shot when he gets a sight of goal then gets a load of stick and everyone says he should be sold!

  26. thegoonerforum says:

    JTs MUM : )

    He is not wrong about everything mate. He did say that Inler & Nigel Reo-Coker were going to sign and got them wrong but most of the time i find his stuff pretty good…Didnt he break the news that Sol Campbell was signing for Arsenal? If he did fair play to him

  27. km1980 says:

    Well said Dennis, spot on mate…

  28. Goonerman says:

    IMO Myles needs a run of 5/10 games without trying to promote his gay book.

  29. thegoonerforum says:

    km1980, Good point mate. I like that about RvP also. He is willing to test the keeper from around the box and like you said maybe 1 of only a few players at Arsenal that can do that at the mo

  30. Goonerman says:

    I doubt Myles broke that news of sol he probably just made out he did because he knows everything and everyone.

    JT’s mum is a man!!!

  31. Prashant Gandhi says:

    Well why bother with mr. Palmer. I hate to see his drivel up the newsnow top stories. The best thing to do for c**ts like him is to ignore him. He is crap and he knows it.

  32. Stu says:

    Myles Palmer reminds in his writings of Piers Morgan.

    That can onl;y be a horrible insult and I’m sorry to say such a nasty thing about MYles, but it’s true, he really is that much of a twat.

    And KM is right. There’s a very good reason in particular why RvP can be selfish sometimes and that is that when he’s on top form (he’s still not there yet) he has phenomenal ability and can score from those stupid positions. In a team where everyone tries to walk it over the line and inevitably we usually struggle at converting chances due to it we have a player in him who is prepared to gamble. Even if the keeper saves it or it takes a big deflection and goes a different direction, gambling can pay off big time by setting up goals, deflecting them in or if the keeper spills it another player can follow up etc. He doesn’t always shoot and we have SO many half chances in most games that god forbid he should take some initiative and shoot here and there. If he didn’t shoot and the ball didn’t end up in the net (which is what usually is the case when we just pass it around their box all day) the fans get pissed off and start shouting shoot.

    Some people are morons and it’s really that simple.

    And whoever said he doesn’t play people in enough. lol what?! I think you’ll find if you watch some matches rather than just repeat what this bizarre bandwagon has told you then you would notice that he is responsible for some of our best direct passes through the defense to play people in for 1 on 1. Usually the chances don’t get taken regardless, but that’s not his fault. Against Hull he put Walcott in behind at least twice with superb passes which gave Walcott a real chance of scoring. Ade quite often gets put through by RvP, a great example was vs Ajax in preseason.

    Rather than criticise that why not criticise a real problem of our team, putting chances away. We should have had 7 goals vs Porto as is so often the case. Thankfully we took 4 and didn’t need any more, but like vs Hull, we had HOW many corners and didn’t do shit from them it’s a joke. We should have scored 2 just from corners alone with that many.

  33. Joanna says:

    All this Myles bashing is giving me the willies. Funny how he wouldn’t give a crap blog like this one the time of day yet you use up an entire writeup criticizing his claims. Myles knows and understands more about the game of football and Arsenal than all of the muscle heads on this blog put together including the writer of the blog. If you don’t give a flying fig what Myles says then why in hell do you devote so much time to his claims. It says something about Myles Palmer that the writer devoted an entire blog to Myles’ claims, or does it say something about the writer? The fact is you punts do care, and deep down you know that he is right because Myles is one of the few astute and intelligent writers on all things Arsenal. He is more objective than all the Arsene tooch-kisser-bandwagon-jumpers out there. None of you can hold a candle to his insights on the game. Long may Myles continue to grace us with his diatribes and sagacity.

  34. Faisal Ali says:

    i for one think van should go asap! we can get a hellova lot for him now then we would in a few years and the four other strikers we have plus walcott’s future role as a stirker are more then capable of baging in the goals for us!! im sorry to say but hes too selfish and that may be because of all the hype we have been giving him the past few years!! as for myles palmer..dont listen to these clowns who insult u…..the book you wrote on arsene wenger is pure genius and instead of sitting around counting your cash you carry on writing great peices on ANR which i never miss btw!!
    peace from a Saudi Gooner!!

  35. Faisal Ali says:

    oh yeah and van persie is WAY too injury prone too! he hasnt played a full season for us….EVER!!

  36. Sam says:

    One man’s opinion evoked this much vitriol? You guys need a life. Geez.

  37. Glenn Helder says:

    By now, he SHOULD be the best player in the world. Why isn’t he?

  38. Henry says:

    Well said Stu. We are p*ss poor from corners, both offensively and defensively…

  39. AusGunner says:

    Robin’s selfish? He’s a striker for fuck’s sake!

  40. Norseman says:

    my biggest issue is actually the oldest player. i think gallas should be sidelined for a couple of games and arsene should let djorou get a shot. he was involved/at fault with 3 of our 4 conceded goals if im not mistaken.

  41. Romford Pele says:

    Let us not forget that Myles Palmer was the man who stated in no uncertain terms that Thierry Henry was not a central striker and would never be a central striker. He is also the man who never admits his mistakes so today’s post should be interesting.

  42. JB says:

    I read Palmers blog, and am constantly frustrated by the fact that he is clearly his own biggest fan. As a rule tho, and on the rare occasions he talks about something other than himself, i find that i tend to agree with him.

  43. :-) says:

    so glad you picked up on this. bugged me reading his article yesterday. i was at the match last night and RVP put in a top class performance, albeit against a below par porto side.


  44. maxx says:

    Myles point is that RVP slows down the movement of the team.He has a point there.

  45. Ken says:

    Well said, Joanna

    And I am not Myles in disguise.

  46. R Bent says:

    I agree with Miles Palmers comments. Van P is one of the most talented players at the club put does score a lot of goals against poor sides, doesnt perform consistanly week in week out and has to many games where you hardly notice he’s playing. His team play is not great either. He holds onto the ball to long at times, slows the game down when he delays the pass and shoots when a simple pass is required.

  47. Alex says:

    Actually – I think that Van Persie needs to repay some of the faith Wenger puts in him. He’s getting a regular run-out now and is injury free. He’s one of the players that sets your heart beating when he does the unpredictable (YouTube any van Persie goal vs Blackburn) and lifts you off your seat – a huge plus for any diehard football fan.


    It is fair to say that RvP has not had the most consistent scoring record, and that a couple of goals against some shit teams shouldn’t make him automatic first choice.

    People cite Adebeyor (my second least favourite player after that absolute cnut Eboue) and his scoring rate as a reason to keep him as first choice striker.

    He stinks the place to high heaven, he’s continually offside, has the first touch of a rapist, rarely uses his size/strength, rarely defends from the front, scores 1 in 8 chances and grins like a fcuking spastic when he misses.

    I would certainly get rid of Adebeyor well before van Persie.

    For those of you who berate Bendtner on the other hand, I think it’s very short sighted. He is an excellent front man, he might not score as many as Ade (at the moment, and he’s 3-4 yrs younger with far fewer games under his belt), but is fabulous as the fulcrum of the attacks – ask Vela or Walcott who just LOVE to play off him.

    He gets into the box, uses his size and strength to great effect, puts defenders and the keeper under pressure, has two good feet, lays off well with his feet or head, is lethal in the air. Ok he doesn’t defend much from the front either, rarely hassling the defender on the ball (just like Ade, RvP) but apart from that – I think he is the best option for the team.

    I’ve thought for a while now that AFC should play the 4-3-3/4-5-1 formation that suits their squad, with Cesc + Ramsey/Denilson + Nasri/Rosicky playing across the middle and Vela/Walcott (left) and van Persie/Walcott (right) behind Bendtner

    Cesc, Ramsey, Denilson, Rosicky and Nasri are all full of running, can come from deep, they track back (apart from Rosicky), and can both orchestrate from deep or come with the ball.

    Vela, van Persie, Walcott are fleet of foot and can all dribble and provide ‘wide’ outlets for the midfielders to pass to. Van Persie is always more dangerous cutting in from the right onto his left foot.

    Bendtner will be keeping the defence occupied by himself and offer a central option if the CM’s don’t pass wide.

    Anyway – sell Ade, Eboue, maybe Gallas – and bring in a Monster Centre Half – preferably short a few marbles and his twin brother who plays defensive CM (Appiah is free and I can only think people who don’t rate him have never seen him play).

    Great wins against Blackburn, Bolton and Porto won’t mean diddly come the end of the season if we lose vs the Hulls and Fulhams of this world.

    Sadly a lot of internet enabled fans are directly correlated to the most recent results – ‘last-match-trackers’ if you will.

    We know our GK isn’t world class. We know we are piss-poor at defending balls from wide positions, corners and free kicks (we don’t jump). We know we can’t take a decent corner from the 10 we get every match. We know Wenger picked the youth squad from the Ooompah Loompah world under-12’s and that they all make Grumpy Dwarf look tall. We know we we sold ALL our defensive midfielders and need more

  48. northbanklegend says:

    Van Persie is without doubt a talented striker, but his problem he does not fit into stereo type striker.
    He is not a fox in the box, not a speed merchants a la Henry nor is a Bergkamp type striker, whilst he playes too deep to be a Torres type striker.
    It will be interesting what happens when Eduardo returns, but as for selling him, that is out of order

  49. bob says:

    It’s a bit silly to complain about a striker being selfish. Is Myles contending Henry wasn’t selfish? And for all the complaints about trying to ‘walk the ball into the net,’ isn’t a “bang bang” striker exactly what this team needs? Watch some vids of the invincibles and you’ll see a LOT of goal from Pires, Bergy, Henry and others from distance. Who is better in this team at that shot than RVP? Nobody.

  50. Marko says:

    He’s so negative sometimes it’s revolting.

  51. Van the Man says:

    Myles Palmer cant be an Arsenal fan, and even if he is what he claims he is stupid then. Wenger knows when a player is good and when he isnt. This boufoon Myles Palmer thinks he knows much more than Le Boss, who sees him train everyday.

    OK next think this idiot will say is that we should sell Cesc, my arse we would that. Go back n support the shite team who play in white n are bottom of the league.

    RVP can also give alot of versitility to our thin squad, he can play on either wing if needed, he can play as the main striker in a two, has even played as a loan striker for us, he also plays behind the main striker as well as he does for Holland on numerous occasions.

    Ps any other fan who thinks we should get rid of another world class player should be shot. Van Persie has all the qualities of a world class striker.

    Y dont you idiots just get behind the team now.

  52. Dave says:

    I really think that Robin Van Persie and Adebayor are not consistent players. They can score some goals this match, but the next match they could play like collegians.

  53. dan says:

    anyone who thinks myles palmer is great and not a pretentious little nob should never forget this is the man who said henry was not worth 500k as a striker and less than what we paid as a winger, he cat have any bigger an egg on his face than the 8 year egg that followed, i just read his articles and laugh, this is the guy who wrote 2 articles about our finances and how poor a position we were in based on 2 newspaper articles from people who were nothing to do with our club, one from a rather poor tabloid (red top as well!).

  54. dan says:

    joanna if this blog is so crap and petty for devoting one post to myles being a monumental knob , he is, then why have you devoted your time in writing a paragraph that the author couldnt care less about

  55. Finny says:

    Why do some many people have a chip on their shoulder over Myles Palmer?? Does he write that your a knob? Get a life, its just opinions.

  56. Mindlesss says:

    Myles also said that Henry wouldn’t make it.

  57. gunner17 says:

    it often takes a bit of magic to win the really really big games…

    if one of these years we end up in the champions league final struggling to score against a really tough opponent, we’ll need a player who can do something unpredictable up front…something magic…

    i’m telling you now…rvp will be the one to deliver it

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